Not all women like to fix themselves up, but those who do usually enjoy the rituals of make-up, hair, and fashion. As time passes, it's easy to fall into comfortable habits that once pulled out all your plusses and got you some attention on the street. Years later, the attention isn’t coming as much, but why? You might not even notice that you're actually making yourself look older with styles and colors that faded out years ago. Don't cry over it -- just get back on board! The first step is understanding what you're doing wrong and avoiding styles that conjure times gone by. Be honest about your level of commitment to beauty rituals and cut out those that no longer work for you, choosing natural over artificial. There’s no better way to be beautiful than celebrating your lifelong gifts!

Dressing too young

Life moves quickly, and it's easy to forget that you're growing older and don't look the same in the hairstyles and clothes you rocked back in your early twenties. The pink peasant blouse and beach waves hair you love might be dating you instead of getting you a date! To get back up to speed, find a trendy salon to refresh your hair and fill your closet with new looks. Try a new color of lipstick, maybe something neutral instead of bright. Get a classy new hairstyle that doesn't require a curling iron, and enjoy the extra free time.

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Too much contouring

You still remember the transformation that took place when you first bought your contouring kit, but are you overdoing it now that you've been working the contours for a few years? Sure, the Kardashians get away with that heavy hand, but they have good lighting and a pro salon team wherever they go. Try cutting back on the shadowing and go cleaner for a fresh look that's totally you and natural.

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Dark roots

Sometimes it's hard to get to the salon every few weeks for a touch-up, so why not just let it go? After all, dark roots look good on young people, even edgy. That's what the balayage trend is all about! But the truth is that dark roots usually don't look good, making you appear tired, sloppy, and older. If you are committed to hair coloring, get to the salon regularly or learn to do it yourself at home. As an alternative, consider growing out to your natural color. The real you is waiting to shine through!

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Bleached-out hair

We all think the blondes have all the fun, but is that really true? If your hair is over-bleached, it's likely damaged and difficult to style. The glamour of blonde hues is lost, making you look tired, older, washed-out, and washed-up. Fortunately, a trip to the salon can restore your shine and sparkle. Try a deep, rich shade of light brown or blonde instead of trying to pull off platinum.

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Too-fake lashes

Fake lashes are so chic, right? Not if they look too fake, they aren't. When too long, too dark, or applied at awkward angles, fake lashes make their wearer look out of tune with the times. If lashes appeal to you and you want to wear them, have them applied by an experienced friend or consider investing in lash extensions that you can keep on for a few weeks at a time. If you have to do lashes on your own, choose your length and style carefully, avoiding the super-long and feathery styles that make you look older or downright comical.

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Pulled-back hair

There are many ways to style your hair that make you look older, but one sure way to put your wrinkles and aging skin on display is to pull your hair back in a tight bun or chignon. If an up-do or pull-back style is a must, comb out some bangs or tendrils to flatter your face and soften the style. If your long hair is making you too warm and you pull it back to cool off, it might be time to consider a shorter cut.

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Overdone eyebrows

Eyebrows can dramatically change your look for the better, but overdone eyebrows can make you look outdated and older. Thick brow pencils and elaborate arches put a focus on your forehead instead of on other aspects of your appearance. If you love the look of intense eyebrows, have a specialist help you determine a few good looks. Avoid eyebrow kits or waxing methods that encourage over-sculpting and detract from your cheekbones and eyes.

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Sloppy eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is fun to play around with, but too much sloppily applied shadow makes you look like an amateur oldster. If you like dark tones, make sure to blend with a brush to incorporate the shadow into your lids. The shadow should enhance your eyes, not overpower them. If your shadow keeps slipping into your creases, try a different medium like a crayon or mineral powder. Also, remember to rethink your eyeshadow colors as you age, choosing lighter and more neutral shades to avoid ghostly looks.

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Unflattering eyewear

Glasses can be a terrific way to amp up your style, but the wrong frame choice can make you look matronly. Choose soft over severe, spending the time to try on many pairs and getting the opinions of friends and family. If possible, get more than one pair to change out your look. Wire-rims are great for blending into your skin, and cat eyes shapes look good with dark hair. Choose tones that complement your coloring and shapes that emphasize your best facial features.

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Extreme injections

Botox and other injectables tempt you with the chance to look younger, but too many injections freeze your face and reveal you're so concerned about aging that you're willing to pay your way out of it. You don't have to rule out injections, but be scrupulous about their frequency. Focus on areas that need lift instead of trying to correct your genetics. A smoother forehead shows off your gifts, but fat lips on a face that wasn't designed for them can make you look like a duck.

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