Whether you keep your hair length short, medium, or long, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to get it to frame your face perfectly, complement your chosen outfit, and be as flexible and easy to maintain as you want it to be. Short HairShort hair is a practical option for busy women who still want to look chic and feminine. It allows you to keep some girly length without the maintenance that really long hair requires.

Another major advantage of shoulder-length hair is that it gives you plenty of versatility when it comes to hairstyles, whether you want to wear it down or have it up off your face.

Blunt With a Side Part

A blunt cut with a slight side parting is one of the most low-maintenance yet stylish ways to cut shoulder-length hair. Blunt ends are ideal for making fine or thin hair appear thick and healthy.

A slight side parting is especially flattering on square and rounder face shapes, as it helps to narrow the appearance of wider cheekbones.

shoulder length blunt side part JohnnyGreig / Getty Images


Side Bangs

If you've been toying with the idea of full bangs but aren't ready to make the big chop, side-swept bangs could be a stylish compromise. Keeping the bangs long with feathered ends and sweeping them to the side looks elegant for everyday wear and helps to add extra volume if your hair is fine.

shoulder length hair side bangs yuriyzhuravov / Getty Images


Flicked Ends

Flicked-in ends create extra drama and can make a shoulder-length hair cut look glamorous for an evening look. To achieve this look, use a flat iron to turn the ends in.

This look is ideal for accentuating and slimming your jawline. Adding subtle highlights in the strands around your face draws extra attention to your eyes.

Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images


Low Bun

A low bun works better on shoulder-length hair than a high bun because you can get all your hair up without any stray strands escaping. This look is relaxed enough for every day but can look elegant for work.

Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and securing with a hair elastic. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the elastic, hiding the ends under the bun and securing it in place with bobby pins. You can try leaving a strand free to wrap around the base of the bun to give the look a more polished finish.

shoulder length hair low bun MonikaBatich / Getty Images


Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are a bold style that can make shoulder-length hair look edgier. Before taking the plunge, it's important to make sure that you're willing to put in the maintenance this style requires. Blunt bangs look best when they've been styled carefully using a hairdryer and round brush.

shoulder length hair blunt bangs alvarez / Getty Images


Low Pony Tail

A low ponytail is perfect for shoulder length hair as it allows you to gather all your hair up without using clips or pins. This style is quick to achieve, so it's ideal if you need to get your hair out of your face but are strapped for time.

If you're wearing this style for work or on a night out, you can wrap a strand of hair around the elastic to disguise it, securing with a bobby pin to make your ponytail look more polished.

shoulder length low pony tail Nomad / Getty Images


Loose Waves

Loose waves are a trendy way to add texture to a shoulder-length hair cut. Use a wide-barrelled curling iron to create this look, curling the sections in opposite directions to stop the waves from looking too stiff.

This style works best on unwashed hair, as the wave will drop out of clean hair very quickly. If you have fine hair, pair this look with blunt-cut ends for maximum volume.

shoulder length hair loose waves TomFoldes / Getty Images


Pastel Highlights

Pastel highlights are a fun way to add personality and texture to shoulder-length hair. You can opt to add subtle slices of color while maintaining your natural hue or color your whole head of hair if you want a bold look.

If you can't or don't want to commit to permanent pastel color, hair chalk is a great way to achieve the look for the weekend or a special event. You can shampoo the chalk out to leave your natural color when you're done.

shoulder length hair natural highlights wayra / Getty Images


Hollywood Curls

This look never goes out of fashion and is an elegant way to wear your hair down for a party or other big event. To achieve this look, you will need medium-barrelled heated rollers.

Big, bouncy curls give great volume to shoulder-length hair. Fix the style with plenty of hairspray to give it the necessary staying power.

shoulder length hair Hollywood curls CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images


Hair Band Updo

Using a hairband is a quick and easy way to create an elaborate-looking updo for shoulder-length hair. It's also a great way to disguise oily roots if you don't have time to wash your hair.

Begin by choosing an elasticated headband and place it over the top of your hair. Starting from the sides, twist your hair around and under the band until all your hair is up, fixing in position with bobby pins.

shoulder length hair band Khosrork / Getty Images


Gibson Roll

Medium HairMedium length hair looks flattering on most face shapes and allows you to keep some feminine length while requiring less maintenance than ultra-long locks. Keeping hair shoulder length or slightly longer gives you the option of putting your hair up when you need to get it off your face.

Whether your hair is poker-straight, wavy or you have bouncy curls, there are plenty of elegant and stylish ways to wear medium hair up or down. The Gibson roll originated in Edwardian Britain but enjoyed a revival during the 1940s as an elegant and practical way for women to get their hair off their faces while working during wartime. This retro style is ideal for medium length hair.

Start by twisting the hair on the sides of your head back on itself until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure in a low ponytail with a hair elastic and roll it up on itself. Tuck the hair under and secure it in place with bobby pins.

medium hair length gibson roll panic_attack / Getty Images


Long Bob

The long bob, or 'lob,' is more versatile than a traditional, shorter bob as it retains enough length for you to tie your hair up. This style is great for making even fine hair look thick and healthy.

This style is usually cut longer around the front, framing the face. This makes it flattering for all face shapes.

medium hair long bob VeranikaSmirnaya / Getty Images


Low Bun

A stylish low bun looks elegant for work but can be relaxed enough for the weekend too. This look is easier to achieve than a high bun for medium length hair as it won't leave any straggling hair at the nape of your neck.

To create a low bun, gather your hair into a low ponytail and tie it with a hair elastic. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the hair elastic, tucking the ends under and fixing in place with bobby pins.

medium hair low bun PeopleImages / Getty Images


Low Pony Tail

A low ponytail is a classic style and a quick way to get your hair up in a hurry while still looking stylish. Prepare your hair beforehand by straightening with a flat iron or curling the ends, depending on the look you want to achieve.

When you've tied your ponytail in place, create a polished finish by wrapping a strand of hair around to disguise the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

low pony tail medium hair Todor Tsvetkov / Getty Images


Messy Waves

Messy waves add some edge and texture to a medium length hair cut. This style is easiest to achieve on hair that hasn't been washed for a day or so, as very clean hair won't hold a wave as easily.

Using a curling iron, curl each section in a different direction to create a more natural, unstructured look. Add some hair wax to create a messy texture.

messy waves medium hair CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images


Blunt Bangs

Bluntly cut bangs give a cool, sixties vibe to medium length hair and help to frame your face. This style is especially flattering if your face is heart-shaped.

If you're not quite ready to commit to blunt bangs, ask your stylist to cut in feathered side-swept bangs for a softer take on this classic look.

medium hair blunt bangs borchee / Getty Images


Braided Headband

This hairstyle is more suitable for medium length hair than a braided crown, which requires more length. It's a great way to frame your face and works well on curly hair.

To achieve this style, section off the front of your hair, leaving the back loose. Starting behind your ear, French braid the front section tightly above your forehead until you get to the other ear. Finish the braid a little lower than the ear so you can secure it with an elastic and hide the loose end under the rest of your hair.

medium hair braided headband CarlosDavid.org / Getty Images


Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are a fashionable way to get your hair off your face for a casual look or while you're working out. Part your hair in a straight parting down the middle of your head and French braid each side, securing at the ends with elastics.

For a twist on this look, try Dutch braiding your boxer braids. Instead of weaving the sections over each other, weave them underneath instead. This gives your braids more volume.

medium length hair boxer braids jeffbergen / Getty Images


Braided Updo

This braided up-do looks elaborate but is actually easy to achieve. Its relaxed style makes it ideal for medium length hair as a few flyaways won't matter.

Start by braiding your hair into two pigtails. Wrap them around the back of your head, one above the other, and pin in place. Tuck the ends into your hair to hide them and secure with bobby pins.

braided up do medium hair Yue_ / Getty Images


Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a great way to dramatically but temporarily change up your medium haircut without committing to a whole new style. This look works well with all hair types and textures.

One of the major advantages of a deep side part is its ability to slim the face. It works with loose hair or with an updo or ponytail.

deep side part medium hair SrdjanPav / Getty Images


Sleek and Straight

Long HairOne of the best things about having long hair to rival Rapunzel is its versatility. It's all too easy to fall into a hairstyle rut and feel the temptation to cut it into a shorter style. However, long hair gives you the option to experiment with the widest possible range of hairstyles to completely transform your look without going for the chop.

Whether your hair is fine, thick, curly, or poker straight, there are plenty of gorgeous ideas to try out. Sleek, shiny, poker-straight hair creates a major impact and looks great with formal workwear or casual clothes. The key to achieving this look is to make sure your hair is moisturized before you use your flat-iron by conditioning thoroughly, as dry hair will just look frazzled.

When your hair is dry, apply a heat protecting spray to stop it from burning. Another secret to getting glossy straight hair is to use the flat iron at a temperature between 300-350 degrees. Although many flat irons have hotter temperatures, these are best suited to professional keratin treatments instead of home use.

long straight sleek glossy hair repinanatoly / Getty Images


Top Knot

Top knots are best suited to very long hair as you can achieve the look without any stray hairs. This style is quick to achieve on days when you're pushed for time but still looks slick enough for workwear.

Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Be sure to brush up any loose strands and avoid bumps. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the elastic, fastening securely with bobby pins.

top knot long hair slick Deagreez / Getty Images


Beachy Waves

Tousled, undone beachy waves are the perfect way to complement a casual look while still making long hair look stylish. The secret to creating lasting waves is to make sure hair isn't too clean by working through a styling mousse or sea salt spray. If you start with ultra-clean, slippery hair, the waves won't hold.

When creating beachy waves with tongs, curl the sections in different directions. Otherwise, they will look too uniform and formal.

beachy waves long hair tongs PeopleImages / Getty Images


Center-Parted Bangs

Bangs with a center parting give long hair a cool, laid-back 70's vibe. This style is great at framing your face and particularly suits women with heart-shaped faces.

If you're not keen to take the plunge and get bangs cut in, you can get clip-in versions to get the look without the commitment.

center parting bangs long hair Rocky89 / Getty Images


Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid looks intricate but is no harder to achieve than a French braid on long hair. This style creates extra volume and looks especially striking if you have a vibrant hair color.

To create a Dutch braid, split the hair into three sections at the crown. Thread the left strand under the center (the opposite to a French braid), then thread the right strand under the new center strand. Repeat the process, gathering hair from the side as you go, and secure at the bottom with a hair elastic.

long hair Dutch braid dimid_86 / Getty Images



A ponytail is an easy and stylish way to get your hair looking polished if you're in a rush. The trick to making this style look elegant is to condition the hair first, so it's sleek and shiny. Either flat-iron for a glossy finish or tong in some curls at the end.

Once you've gathered your hair up and secured it, wrap a strand of hair around to disguise the elastic. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to give the style staying power.

long hair pony tail yuriyzhuravov / Getty Images


Braided Bun

A braided bun looks elegant and like it took a lot of time to achieve but is actually very simple. To achieve it, tie your hair up in a high ponytail. Section off a third of your hair. Twist the rest and wrap it around the elastic into a bun, securing with bobby pins.

Braid the remaining section and tie the end with an elastic. Wrap the braid around the bun, tucking the ends in and pinning.

long hair braided bun Alter_photo / Getty Images


Banana Chignon

The banana chignon is a classic bridal style but works equally well with formal workwear. This style works best with long hair as you can achieve a sleek, clean look without any straggling hairs left over.

Begin by brushing and straightening your hair thoroughly. Gather it in a low ponytail, then twist the hair inwards and upwards on itself. Secure inside the length of the chignon using bobby pins, taking care to tuck them under the hair, so they're invisible.

long hair banana chignon patronestaff / Getty Images


Loose Curls

Loose curls are a glamorous way to wear long hair down. They show off your natural volume if you have thick hair, or create extra if your hair is fine.

Using a wide-barrelled curling iron, wrap sections of hair and hold for just a few seconds, so the curls aren't too rigid. If your hair is fine, backcombing at the root will help to create more bounce.

long hair loose curls CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images


The 'Hun'

The 'hun,' or a half-up, half-down bun, is a pretty, casual way to get some of your hair up and away from your face while showing off its length. This style works best on thick hair.

Gather up the top half of your hair, tying in a ponytail with a hair elastic. You may want to use a mirror to make sure the parting between the top and bottom is straight. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the elastic to form a bun, tucking the end under and pinning in place.

long hair hun bun Alter_photo / Getty Images


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