Everyone has taken a selfie at least once in their life, but sometimes snapping a quick pic with duck lips can pose a very dangerous threat. Tourists have taken selfies to a whole new level — photographing themselves at dangerous viewpoints around the world, on trains, planes, and even with exotic animals. Between the years 2011 and 2017, 259 people died while taking photos in dangerous locations. In that moment of inattention when taking a selfie, your focus can shift and result in a dangerous outcome. At what point does your phone become more of a danger than the cliff you're holding onto?

Anyone else feeling a little nauseous?

Many of these heart-aching photos take place in Russia where a ban was put in place to try and minimize the number of unfortunate events. In recent years, there has been an influx of risky selfie-takers that will stop at nothing to be the most dangerous photographer on Instagram. These images were mainly taken by professionals who have made it their career to take dangerous selfies around the world. From walking across a 1000 meter-high bridge to balancing on the edge of a metal structure, these daredevils will stop at nothing to capture the ultimate risk.

One wrong move and he could be free falling into the jungles of Brazil — wishing this guy would keep two eyes on his feet and not his phone.

Testing the limits from some of the highest points in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and naturally, taking a selfie while doing so.

Varna, Bulgaria has some very high viewpoints to take your most dangerous selfies.

While most of us would be stunned by adrenaline when bungee jumping from a bridge in Bulgaria, this guy is making sure he's got picture evidence for his Instagram following.

Greece is absolutely breathtaking and so is this photo, but dear lord please put another foot down!

sailing boat in Antarctica, extreme dangerous travel selfie, person feet standing on mast of a yacht with floating ice, top view, adventure anyaberkut / Getty Images

Navigating through icebergs in the ocean of Antarctica is already dangerous in itself!

You've gotta wonder how the person videotaping must feel... guessing even more panic than this guy!

When did the purpose of a crane turn into a balance beam for dangerous Instagrams?

The most nauseating part about this photo is that they had to walk across the rusty trestle to get there.

You're guaranteed to have nightmares resting for a nap on this treacherous bridge.


Get off the roof!

Roofing is a popular trend amongst the selfie-takers, consisting of finding a roof and getting as close to falling as you can while taking a heart-stopping photo. It seems absolutely insane and nerve-wracking to most of us, but these photographers see roofing as relaxing. Many adventurous selfie-takers understand the risk of it all, but still, they seek the thrill of being inches away from death. Everyone could use a little roofer courage in their daily lives, but maybe not enough to stand on the edge of a roof.

Posing on the top of a building in Sochi, Russia — this lady has got some serious guts.

This picture from Yekaterinburg, Russia, is incredibly alarming. It's clear this woman does not suffer from any sort of dizziness.

Anyone else feeling a little nauseous? If you're trying to put your balance to the test, maybe evaluate the drop first.

The Macau Tower in China is 338 meters in height and captures a beautiful view of the city if you're brave enough to pull out your phone.

Hoping this fellow checked the wind forecast before taking this stomach-churning selfie from the top of a building in New York.

This trend is known as "sky walking" or "roofing" — risk-takers climb to the top of buildings to take dangerous selfies — definitely not something to try at home.

No fear here, but this picture definitely hurts those of us thinking rationally. Some selfies just aren't worth it.

A triple selfie! Taking a photo on the edge of a skyscraper isn't the most traditional friend photo, but definitely the most dangerous.

Looks like what would be a terrifying experience for most of us, is actually a boring experience for this dangerous girl who is more interested in looking at her phone.

Doesn't he look way too happy to be hanging off a building over his probable doom?


Taking love to new heights

Love is in the air — literally. Instagram couples test the limits with their partners and share the thrill of danger with one another. Many of these photos are taken purely for the title of being the most dangerous couple on Instagram. As they say, "Love is an uphill task: you have to rise towards the heights," but those tasks don't have to include extreme selfies!

Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but this high distance drop is more likely to stop your heart altogether.

Piggybacking your significant other on the top of a skyscraper is a level of trust most of us will never reach and we hope you never do.

Definitely an exciting date, depending on your idea of exciting versus utterly treacherous.

The most important thing about this photo — the selfie — unfortunately the giant wave might have crushed this couple's dreams.

Her face says it all, this couple was not on the same page when deciding to risk it all for a selfie at the edge of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

This couple really knows how to live their life on the edge — literally.

Hanging out of a train in Sri Lanka isn't the only way to get close with your significant other, maybe try something a little less life-risking?

Even though this photo looks incredibly dangerous, Pedra Do Telégrafo in Rio De Janeiro is actually a popular optical illusion that many tourists travel to get that jaw-dropping picture op.

Hopefully, his hands aren't too slippery from the pool!

Taking their relationship to the edge in Munster, Ireland.


Did you have to get that close to the edge?

If you have ever made it to the top of your hike and debated getting that risky selfie on the edge of the cliff, maybe take a step back. Falling from treacherous heights is one of the leading causes of photo-related deaths and you never know when you might lose your balance. Many of the below trails are considered to be a very dangerous trek for experienced hikers, let alone risk-taking selfie shooters.

Koncheto, Pirin in Bulgaria is a knife-edge ridge that juts out over an elevation of 2,810 meters, but this guy is more concerned with eating his banana and taking a bomb selfie.

Taken in Utah's Canyonlands National Park, this risktaker notes "I don't always take selfies, but when I do, they're dangerous."

The Tiger Leaping Gorge in Southeastern China takes selfies to another level with this 1,800-meter drop.

Taking a photo at the top of a Canyon is definitely trending with the tourists, unfortunately, two selfie-related deaths have happened at the Horshoe Bend in Arizona.

If only his selfie stick could give him a helping hand if he happens to fall, but no, some folks just forget about the risk of falling.

A beautiful view of Mistra, Greece from the top of Villehardouin's Castle but maybe not the best "no hands" moment.

Another heart attack evoking selfie from the Mount Evans peak in Colorado.

Young couple having fun climbing in Summer lncreativemedia / Getty Images

Seems like a sport that requires two hands, but rock climbers are always snapping the most dangerous selfies!

She takes selfie pic across to distant mountains and sea Ascent/PKS Media Inc. / Getty Images

Hey, at least she's anchored with a rope or at least we hope she is...

If you're afraid of heights you might want to skip this viewpoint in Norway.


Get out of the way!

Putting yourself directly in the face of danger —  or in this case, directly in front of a train — for a selfie is not the proudest moment of the human race and has led to multiple deaths. In 2014, a conductor actually had to kick a photographer in the head to get him off the side of the tracks! Yet still, we see people putting themselves in front of trains, cars, and even an angry bull for the perfect selfie opportunity.

Seriously? Being this close to a train is never a good idea, in 2018 a man was hit by a train attempting to get the perfect photo —  these kids were lucky.

The tren a las Nubes in Salta, Argentina, translates to "Train To The Clouds," and is considered one of the most dangerous trains in the world.

Hoping he checked the schedule before taking this extreme selfie!

There's nothing more stupid than hanging your body out of a moving train in Bulgaria to get that jaw-dropping selfie.

This guy was so focused on getting a selfie with Alcatraz Island that he failed to see the car about to hit him!

The passenger behind her clearly isn't impressed by her sticking her head outside of the train for a photo.

Really cool selfie, hope it was worth getting run down by a train!

This selfie taker captions his picture with, "Had to run onto the highway into oncoming traffic for this bad boy." Did you really have to?

In 2014, a participant at the San Fermin Festival in Paloma ran in front of the bulls endangering many lives around him and all for a selfie.


That looks like a long way down

If you've ever seen the movie, 127 hours, you know the danger of falling into a canyon and probably wouldn't want to risk it. But once again, the selfie-shooters have taken it too far and undergo the risk of being trapped in a variety of things —  that is, if they survived the fall. All of these photos feature both a long way down and a heart-stopping landing — as if leaning off the edge wasn't enough!

Be epic — but maybe make sure you have well-gripped shoes before doing so.

Really dancing the line between life and death with this shocking selfie at the top of a chimney in Varna, Bulgaria.

successful woman hiker taking photo with smart phone on top of great wall lzf / Getty Images

All it takes is one big gust of wind... capturing a good selfie takes guts!

Walking a tight rope over a giant well really sets the bar for the most dangerous selfie.

There's a big drop over that wall she's resting her baby on — definitely not the mom of the year!

It's almost as if they're begging for 127 hours stuck in a canyon.

Definitely gonna be an Instagram star after this crazy selfie!

How did he get up there? And more importantly, how is he getting down?

It's all fun and games until the lava starts rolling over his foot.

Does he have to go all the way to the edge?


Getting a little dizzy?

At this point, photoshop might be easier than risking your life on the top of a tower to capture the most extreme of selfies. Most of you are probably thinking, "Are these people crazy?" The answer is yes. You must be crazy to climb all the way up a treacherous tower to reach the pinnacle of death.

There are just a couple of things you shouldn't do on the top of a radio tower, but apparently taking a selfie isn't one of them.

Most friend groups go for drinks, movies, or coffee with one another, but this gang of risk-takers spends their days relaxing on one of the highest towers in Beijing.

Sometimes you almost hope the selfie was photoshopped to avoid the instant panic when looking at a photo like this.

Anyone else feeling a little Dizzy?

Those wrist braces won't be much help if he falls 1000 meters down.

Climbing to the highest of towers for the perfect selfie is a trend most of us will never understand.

Wouldn't your palms be sweaty up there? Don't try this if you've got butterfingers!

Heading to the top of a tall tower to try out his new selfie stick and most likely scare his mom to death.

In 2015, selfies killed more people than sharks did. Let that sink in.


There are no words for this

There are simply no words to describe the rationale behind these selfies. In this case, these photographers aren't displaying courage, but a lapse of judgment. Remember, the world is unpredictable, and sometimes what might be a good idea at the moment is actually life-risking!

Who thought taking a photo of their friend while they're hanging off the edge of a cliff was a good idea?

Definitely not the pilot of the year... hopefully this guy has a more responsible co-pilot.

Okay, seriously? Who gave this guy his pilot's license?

Is she even sitting on anything or just floating above a busy street?

Climbing palm trees in the Republic of Maldives! Just wondering... how is he getting down?

Japanese businessman with smartphone in Tokyo at dusk. petriartturiasikainen / Getty Images

Balancing on a Tokyo bridge just to get the perfect selfie... good thing no one bumped him on their way past!

climbing equipment, Climbing, abseil, Clambering, Manual Worker, work at high, selfie, Vancouver, downtown CharlieChesvick / Getty Images

Not sure how helpful that hardhat is going to be if he goes flying down the side of the building!

Unfortunately, we have another irresponsible pilot. Would you let this guy fly your plane?

One young woman taking a selfie picture with the spectacular mountain scenery in Mountain Zebra national park in South Africa. Beware of lion warning sign beside the woman. swissmediavision/Getty Images

The sign means get back in your car, not stop and take a selfie!

Did this guy even read the sign or just take a picture with it?

9. Beware of exotic animals

The dark truth behind wildlife tourism is that in most cases getting close to exotic animals can endanger rare species, and possibly the tourist. Going on a safari can be a thrilling and memorable experience, but when tourists approach dangerous animals too closely, the thrill can quickly turn to tragedy.

Gators generally don't attack but that doesn't mean you should get this close to one trying to take the perfect selfie, like this guy in Everglades, Florida.

Lions can run 50 miles per hour, just saying.

Would you swim through this treacherous path of jellyfish and take a selfie? Probably not, but the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Oceania is actually quite safe for snorkelers.

She's focused on getting the perfect selfie, while this chimp is obviously more focused on stealing her camera.

Underwater selfie with friend. Scuba diver and shark in deep sea. abadonian / Getty Images

This guy clearly has never seen the movie Jaws...

Another savage gator selfie, taken at the Pantanal Matogrossense National Park in Brazil.

Better hope that lion has already eaten!

It's best to keep your distance from an eagle, but this guy doesn't quite understand personal space.

Anyone else hearing the Jaws theme song playing in the background?

Underwater selfie with a Whale shark swimming up from behind. petesphotography / Getty Images

The look on his face says it all —  the mouth of that shark could swallow his entire body!

This video resulted in the camel trying to eat his phone — go figure.

10. Extreme sports with extreme selfies

Rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving, and a variety of other extreme sports have always been ahead of the selfie game. Athletes capture themselves at their most vulnerable moments and share the thrill they get from these extreme sports. Extreme sports are dangerous as it is, but trying to take a pic while engaging in these activities can pose a unique threat to athletes and tourists.

This French skier definitely knows how to work with his go pro, but we'll never know if he landed it or landed in turmoil.

Free flying off the coast of Chile and not missing the opportunity to share it with Instagram.

Watch your head, those fins look sharp!

Flying high over the coast of Maitencillo, Chile, in style.

You've gotta wonder how these people can take their phone out at the risk of falling to their doom.

Watch out for cars!

Helicopter rides are a great way to see a country ariel view, but maybe keep both hands on the plane.

Two friends have been climbing on the rocks and fun to spend time. Constantinis / Getty Images

There's always time for a selfie in extreme sporting!

Distracted driving is very dangerous, especially when you're on a motorcycle next to a semi!

Shouldn't they both be wearing a helmet?


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