Collecting football cards, the kind that used to come packaged with a slab of gum or a carton of cigarettes, isn't just for kids. In fact, it's not just for football fans either. With some cards fetching up to $750,000 on the specialist market, these cardboard nuggets of football history are also a collectible goldmine. What determines their value is a bit mysterious: why is a signed Tom Brady worth so much more than other celebrity footballers? Much depends on the player depicted, the card's age and rarity, and the condition the card is in.


1. 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card

For traders, this exceptional football card is the gold standard. Its worth is calculated at $750,000 in mint condition, but the card is considered priceless by avid collectors. Part of a 36-card set from Chicle Gum, cards like Bronko Nagurski's are rarely posted on the market. When they are, they tend to re-write the price list for all vintage football collector cards.


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