Materialism. Individuality. Consumerism. The 1980s was a decade of excess⁠—which was reflected in both the popular fashions and hairstyles of the day. The natural became unnatural, with neon, spandex and a whole lotta hairspray blowing away the final fragments of the disco era. Whether you actually lived through the 80s or not, one thing’s for sure: the decade famous for taking everything to the max had more than its fair share of over-the-top hair ‘dos.


1. Big crimpin’

Hair with texture is cool. Hair with the texture of a crinkle-cut French fry⁠—and just as fried⁠—might be pushing it. Believe it or not, crimped hair was the look du jour in the 1980s. This look was achieved with a simple heated styling tool that would clamp down on your tresses to press in tiny zig-zags of frizzy goodness. Sure, it added volume⁠—if you don’t mind that “just stuck my finger in a socket” look.

Crimped hair izusek / Getty Images

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