In 1993, Ty released the first Beanie Babies, and by 1995 it felt like the entire world was collecting them. The company deliberately limited the number of each toy they produced to create scarcity. Additionally, they were constantly creating new designs and retiring old ones. This led to a gigantic secondary market of collectors trying to collect the rarest Beanie Babies. For the most part, the most expensive and valuable Beanie Babies are either exclusives or have some very specific defects.


1. Princess Bear

Following Princess Diana’s unfortunate death in 1997, Ty released a special edition purple Princess Diana bear to raise funds for the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Though the bear itself is quite common, its value goes up depending on what stuffing it contains. Most Princess Bears contain polyethylene pellets, making them common and not worth much to collectors. However, a small number of Princess Bears contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pellets instead. These Princess Bears are worth much more, with one selling for around $10,000 in January of 2019.

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