Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about how best to celebrate the dad in your life. Regardless of whether that's your father, partner, or a father-figure, they deserve some fun for all that they've done. But, in light of recent events, planning a celebration isn't as easy as it once was. Thankfully, your home is as good a party venue as any restaurant.

Have a wine and paint night

Not every celebration needs to be a loud, exciting party. Sometimes, the best thing you and Dad can do is chill out, drink some wine, and paint. Plus, unlike some other fun ideas, you don't need to run around setting a bunch of stuff up. All you need are some paints, brushes, canvasses, and your favorite wine. Participants can follow a painting guide together, or they can throw caution to the wind and see where their artistic spirits lead them!


Send dad searching with an indoor scavenger hunt

Even adults love the simple excitement of hunting down treasure. The best thing about a scavenger hunt is that the options are limitless. You can make a simple hunt by hiding objects around the house, or you can choose to get creative with it. Use obscure clues and riddles for dads who love puzzles or make it a contest with other people in the house to see who does the best.


Make a backyard mini-golf course

Whether it's the excitement of nailing a shot, the good-natured ribbing for a flub or just hanging out with loved ones, there's no experience quite like mini-golf. With a little bit of elbow grease and some technical know-how, you can bring mini-golf to your backyard. The most important part of building a course is the planning stage. Think about what materials you have available and feel free to incorporate everything from tin cans to old toys. It's your golf course, so get creative.


Go camping in the backyard

Camping is one of the most enjoyable things you can do as a family, but it can also take a ton of preparation. Thankfully, great memories are only a few steps away. Rather than heading out into the wilderness, gather up your gear and rough it in the backyard instead. You can do everything you would do while camping but from the comfort and safety of your neighborhood. Make some s' mores, roast some hot dogs, or simply bask in the moonlight.

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Give Dad an at-home restaurant experience

Eating out can be a great experience, whether it's at the local diner or a luxurious fine dining establishment. There are a million reasons why you can't pack up the family and head out to eat, but that doesn't mean Dad needs to miss out. Bring the restaurant to him and give him the full experience. Be as comedic or as serious as you like! For fine dining, dress up as a particularly fancy maître d' and light some candles. Throw on the western gear and hang up some props for a steakhouse.

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Go on a bike ride

When looking back at fond memories, it's often the simplest ones that stick out the most. You don't always need to go the extra mile to make the father in your life happy. Take your bikes and ride around your neighborhood, a local park, or a popular trail. Being together and enjoying each other's company is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Tackle a DIY project together

Chances are, there are projects around your house that you or Dad have been trying to get to but never had the opportunity. There's no time like the present, so gather up some supplies and help him build that fire pit he's always wanted. If there aren't any projects waiting around the house, you can always start a project for fun. Remember, they don't necessarily need to be huge undertakings. Any DIY project where you spend time with Dad is a special gift, regardless of what you make. If he's a foodie, build a recipe book of all his legendary creations.

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Make a time capsule

With the rise of social media, reminiscing became as easy as clicking a button and scrolling through a timeline. But, sometimes, it's nice to have a physical representation of our lives and memories. Fill a time capsule with items that symbolize the time you've spent with your partner, your dad, or father-figure. Make it personal. Include things that represent your favorite shows and movies, photos of your family, or even letters to your future selves. As cheesy as it may seem, future-Dad would appreciate a memory scrapbook of special moments.

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Make a Father's Day coupon book

The coupon book is a classic gift and has appeared in sitcoms, cartoons, and movies for decades. While people often view it as a cheap gift, it doesn't need to be. As long as you're genuine about it, a coupon book is a great option. Throw in some classic coupons like breakfast in bed but also include things specific to him. Maybe Dad hates doing the dishes or loves horror films, so cater coupons to those traits.


Enjoy a board game night

Board games have come a long way in recent years, and there are a ton of options to choose from. You can puzzle out which of you is a werewolf, live out a horror movie as you play characters escaping a killer, or rack your brains with some trivia. Regardless of what your family will enjoy, there's a great board game waiting for you. Even some of the classics are just as fun as you remember. But, you should probably still stay away from Monopoly.

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