Costco is one of the most popular places to buy groceries, home appliances, medications, glasses, and more. Not only does it boast great prices, but it also carries a large selection of products. This membership-only, big-box retail store has many locations across North America and close to 100 million members.

There are certain things that you should absolutely add to your shopping cart every time you visit, and while you’re bound to find some great deals here, there are some items that you should absolutely avoid at all costs.

Buy: rotisserie chicken

Costco’s rotisserie chicken is incredibly famous and popular. Not only does it taste delicious, but you can buy it for under $10, tax included. This is one of Costco’s loss leaders and is one of the key products they advertise to get you in their doors. It’s no surprise that you have to walk through rows and rows of products before you get to this gem.

If you’re ever at Costco, toss one of their rotisserie chickens in your cart. It makes for a great dinner, and the leftovers will taste amazing for lunch. You can mix the meat with salad for a more nutritious meal and even use the bones to make chicken stock!

Rotisserie chicken cooking on a grill David Silverman / Getty Images


Buy: hot dog and soda at the food court

Go to Costco with an empty stomach because their food court has a selection of great deals as well. Their hot dog and soda has remained $1.50 since 1985 and is quite large, portion-wise. It’ll make for a great lunch or if you have a large appetite, a wonderful snack. Some people even tout it as the best hot dog in America.

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Buy: olive oil

If you’re a fan of olive oil and enjoy using it in your salads or with your cooking, you definitely should not miss out on the Kirkland olive oil found at Costco. Not only is it a great deal, but the quality isn’t bad for its price. If you haven't switched to using olive oil in your cooking, consider doing so. Olive oil is rich in healthy, mono-saturated fats and contains a large amount of antioxidants. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent cardiac disease and strokes.

Jugs of olive oil Matthew Horwood / Getty Images


Buy: organic almond butter

Another healthy oil to add to your diet is organic almond butter. Go to any health food store, and you’ll see that this product costs a fortune! Fortunately, you can get a great quality product at an affordable price at Costco. It’s much cheaper than other places, and you can use it as a spread for your toast and sandwiches.

Knife inside a bottle of organic almond butter Bloomberg / Getty Images


Buy: frozen fruit

Frozen fruits don’t go bad, and you can find some wonderful deals on a selection of frozen fruits at Costco. The strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are particularly delicious, and best of all, you can chill any remaining fruits for the future. You can either thaw the fruits for a snack or eat them while they’re frozen. The latter is a delicious treat during the summer. If you’re looking for a more filling meal, consider blending various fruits together to make a smoothie bowl for breakfast or lunch.

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Avoid: bread

Unless you have a large family, avoid buying bread or pastries at Costco. These products can’t sit for too long, and if they do sit for a bit, they can easily become stale. In addition, Costco doesn't necessarily have the best prices if you break everything down. In fact, the price might not be that much different than what you'd get at a bakery.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider learning how to make your own bread at home. You can find all the ingredients you need at Costco, and, more importantly, you’ll get fresh bread whenever your heart desires!

Kirkland store brand bagels sit on a tray at the bakery of a Costco Wholesale Corp. store in Naperville, Illinois, U.S., on Monday, May 23, 2016. Costco Wholesale Corp., the largest U.S. warehouse-club chain, is scheduled to report quarterly earnings figures on May 25. Daniel Acker / Bloomberg via Getty Images


Avoid: vegetables

Much like with bread, avoid vegetables and greens whenever possible. Not only do you have to purchase a large quantity, but you also probably won’t be able to finish all of the vegetables before they go bad. If you have a smaller family, you’re better off buying smaller amounts at the farmer’s market — they'll be fresher!

Peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers Bloomberg / Getty Images


Avoid: condiments

Condiments are also a no-go. Not only do you have to purchase large quantities, but it’ll be difficult for your entire family to finish it all. The good news is that condiments don’t necessarily go bad; however, not everyone wants to use ketchup that has been sitting around for years. Keep in mind that each condiment has its own expiry date. Mayonnaise, for example, can only sit for 3 months, and unless you own a sandwich shop, there’s no way that you’ll finish the whole tub before then.

Ketchup and mustard sitting in a fridge Bloomberg / Getty Images


Avoid: name-brand clothing

While you can buy the generic shirts and pants at Costco, avoid name-brand clothing because the quality simply won’t hold up to the ones they offer at their actual stores. It’s no secret that name-brand clothing offered at Costco is of lower quality. They're more likely to fall apart, and the fabric isn’t as soft and nice. If you’re looking for low-cost name-brand clothing, shop at Marshalls and Ross instead.

A customer looks through a pile of clothes at a Costco Wholesale Corp. store in Arlington, Virginia, U.S., on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010. Inventories at U.S. wholesalers climbed twice as much as forecast in September as suppliers stocked up ahead of the holiday sales season. Brendan Smialowski / Bloomberg via Getty Images


Avoid: diapers

Diapers aren’t always the best buy at Costco. This is because you need to purchase a large quantity; however, depending on your baby, they might outgrow the size that you’ve purchased before you’ve even gone through the entire bag. There isn’t much else that you can do with undersized diapers.

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