Baby showers are all about fun and excitement, and what's more fun than putting together a party with a cute theme? Whether you're planning to go all-out or prefer to keep things simple, even a few small touches can help elevate your baby shower and make it a truly memorable occasion. These gender-neutral baby shower ideas won't take forever to plan but are sure to put a smile on the face of any expectant mother.


Literature-themed showers can be customized to suit any favorite childhood story — think pots of honey for lovers of Winnie the Pooh, whimsical rhymes and decorations à la Dr. Seuss, or invitations to Hogwarts for Harry Potter fans. Keep your theme on point by planning storybook-themed menus, using real books for decorations, and giving out personalized bookmarks as invitations or party favors.

One year old baby among books with spectackles.Happy little child reading



A nautical theme is chic and classic, but also very baby-appropriate. Keeping things simple with a blue and white color scheme allows the little details to pop, like cookies shaped like tiny sailor suits and hats, or cupcakes made to resemble sailboats by popping a toothpick with a small sail in the center. Continue the theme by asking guests to write a "message in a bottle" to the new baby, which can double as a party decoration and sweet gift for the mom-to-be.

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Bees are another cute, simple concept with a built-in color scheme. Yellow and black decorations make the perfect backdrop for this sweet party theme; simply add a few bee decorations and sunflowers in vases to complete the look. As far as food goes, anything honey-flavored is perfect — sweet cakes, teas, and refreshing lemonade are all perfectly on point. The "mother-to-bee" is sure to love it!

Bee themed birthday, bee shaped candies for newborn and baby shower party


Wish upon a star

Make a new baby the star of the show with this sweet theme. Think moon and star decorations in silver and gold, perfect against a navy or white backdrop. Consider adding some other nursery rhyme elements to build on the theme, like whimsical decorations and themed treats. During the party, have each guest write down a wish for the baby to add a thoughtful touch that doubles as a delightful keepsake.

Various shapes gingerbread cookies on white tray, served for baby shower party.



Go chic and colorful with a bohemian theme: mix natural fabrics, woven baskets, and flower crowns for a trendy yet low-key feel. Keep up the relaxed vibe with earthy decorations like live plants, flowerpots, garlands, and wreaths. This theme is perfect for those who prefer their events eco-friendly — use recycled paper or email invitations, compostable tableware, and skip the plastic balloons in favor of paper lanterns. Floral wreaths or mini macrame wall decor make a great party favor to end the day, or you could incorporate making them a fun shower activity.

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High tea

On the other end of the spectrum, go formal with a classic British high tea theme. A white or soft pastel color theme is the order of the day, along with the customary scones, finger sandwiches, and tiny desserts. Hit up some thrift stores for vintage china to use that won't break the bank. Add some delicate floral accents to your decorations for the perfect finishing touch, and don't forget to suggest that guests dress for the occasion.

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Garden party

If the weather's nice, why not head outdoors and throw a garden party? Embrace the natural, outdoorsy vibe with plenty of plants and flowers, simple tablecloths, and wooden outdoor furniture. For some added detail, try arranging centerpieces in watering cans for that "homegrown" touch, or use chalkboards or wooden frames to display your menu. When planning the food, think fresh produce — spreads of meats, cheeses, and organic veggies are the perfect accompaniment to a rustic theme.

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For a quirky alternative to the more traditional baby shower ideas, how about a mustache-themed party? You simply "mustache" your guests to join this fun, unconventional baby shower. A mustache theme is simple to expand on — choose mustache-themed invitations, throw up a few DIY mustache decorations, and play a game of "pin the mustache on the baby." Embrace your inner hipster by serving drinks in mason jars, or serve some delicious cupcakes or donuts with cute mustache embellishments.

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A balloon-themed party is ideal for those who want a fun baby shower idea that's super easy to plan. You can go traditional with pink or blue balloons, or keep things gender-neutral with just about any color scheme you want. For something slightly more elaborate, try adding a balloon archway, or entertaining your guests by making balloon animals. Keep things consistent with balloon-themed invitations and party favors, and you'll have a simple yet effective baby shower motif.

Room decorated with colorful balloons for party



Keep things simple and elegant with a minimalist baby shower theme. A minimalist theme is the perfect non-theme for expectant mothers who prefer to keep things grown-up. For decorations, think clean lines, classic tableware, and all-white. If you like, small elements of nature and subtle pops of color can add a touch of interest. Skip the cheesy party games on this one in favor of having a few friends around over a sit-down meal and some non-alcoholic bubbly.

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