As the pandemic keeps many people at home in isolation, home delivery vendors who deliver grocery items, prepared food, and meal kits are becoming even more popular. They've always been an option for families and working folks pressed for time, but now they offer an important service that makes it easier for us to stay home and practice social distancing. Meal kits and prepared meals can give a family's designated chef a bit of a break as well.


Everyone already knows the convenience of getting restaurant-prepared meals delivered straight to the front door. But as more and more restaurants are no longer permitted to offer on-site dining, takeout and delivery orders are keeping many of them in business. It's a win-win for on-demand companies like San Francisco's DoorDash, that specialize in fast home delivery ordered via mobile phone app.



No human contact needed when you have companies like PostMates delivering whatever your heart (or stomach) desires straight to your front door. PostMates prides itself on delivering almost any kind of food, from restaurant-prepared gourmet meals to alcohol to fast food to groceries. PostMates Unlimited is a premium service with unlimited free delivery.



Based in Chicago and started in 2004, this online and mobile food ordering marketplace connects hungry diners with local takeout restaurants. There's a premium service and lots of perks that also help make this hub a winner.


Blue Apron

Stay-at-home chefs and foodies love meal kit providers like Blue Apron, who can deliver a box of high-quality, pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards to subscribers. Preparing a meal is as easy as following the provided recipe with pre-measured ingredients included in the kit. Menus feature chef-designed takes on Mediterranean and seasonal ingredients, as well as vegetarian options.



This digital marketplace prides itself on fast service, often within an hour of your order being placed. Their online catalogue stocks thousands of brand name grocery items, making this an ideal service to stock your pantry. They can also deliver alcohol and organic produce.


Wild Alaskan

Resolutions can go out the window at times like these. If you're a seafood lover committed to eating sustainably-sourced fish and seafood, don't lower your standards under isolation. Wild Alaskan Company is a subscription service delivering small-batch sustainably harvested and antibiotic-free seafood to your front door. Flash frozen and shipped with dry ice in eco-friendly packaging, these flexible deliveries make it easy to eat well and not compromise on quality while stuck at home.



You already know that Amazon will sell and deliver almost anything to your home. But most people don't think about the massive online vendor as a place to turn to for groceries. In fact, Amazon has a huge grocery section including an entire department devoted to Whole Foods products and other organics. And they have quickly developed protocols around the pandemic, including giving priority delivery to household staples and medical supplies.


Craft Beer Club

Beer lovers unite! Craft Beer Club has your back with a wide range of micro-brewery beers delivered straight to your home. The Club offers Beer of the Month promotions, bonuses, and promises free delivery with flexibility around frequency. Your favorite watering hole may be closed for the time being, but you can still enjoy a craft beer or two with your Netflix binge.


Thrive Market

These are especially trying times if you have dietary restrictions, or follow programs such as Keto, Paleo, or a plant-based diet. Enter Thrive Market, which stocks countless kinds of non-GMO, organic and specialty items, including personal care and non-toxic home cleaning items. Although they are currently experiencing considerable shipping delays (who isn't?), Thrive can still be an important partner for keeping you and your family healthy during isolation.


Hello Fresh

Founded in Berlin, Germany, this 2011 start-up is now the biggest meal kit provider in North America. Their method is to measure and pre-pack ingredients for a meal that the customer then prepares at home. Included in each box are recipe cards with complete instructions for several different meal options. It's a subscription service, and also offers wine options to customers.


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