With most people spending hours of their day on social media, it only makes sense that companies and brands would jump in on the fun. After all, a strong and responsive online presence is good for business. However, that also opens them up to comments and complaints from users all over the world. Learning how to respond to these posts is what elevates a company from a stuffy corporate account into a social media sensation.

Pop-Tarts and flavor ideas

Most companies portray themselves as sweet or sassy on social media. After being bombarded with posts of Pop-Tarts dipped in ranch and similarly offensive uses for the sweet treats, the Pop-Tarts account has taken a different direction. A blunt, to-the-point "delete this" is a common response on the Pop-Tarts feed. However, one flavor idea was so offensive that Pop-Tarts had to pull a Dictionary.com.


A cheesy feud

What do you get when you mix a Microsoft software developer with opinions on cheese? Apparently, it's Twitter gold. Sure, Velveeta isn't a premium cheese and its flavor isn't for everyone. However, maybe don't tag a brand to trash talk when you're partially responsible for the absolute trainwreck that was Microsoft Vista.


Hamburger Helper takes on misogyny

Twitter is a place where nearly everyone can post almost any thought that enters their head. Sometimes, those thoughts should've stayed where they were. A man decided to call out a woman for cooking with Hamburger Helper. In response, everyone's favorite four-fingered glove decided to step in and put him in his place.


A bit of cartoon excitement

One of the few bright spots from last year was the reboot of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. With iconic characters like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd returning to our screens, people just had to let Twitter know how they felt. The Looney Tunes Twitter account had a very human response to one, particularly insightful woman. Plus, with posts ranging from basketball opinions to K-pop stanning, the Looney Tunes feed is a goldmine of entertainment.


Netflix is checking in on you

We all have comfort movies that we like to throw on, but would you watch your favorite movie every day for over two weeks? Netflix noticed that a pretty sizable group of people had been watching The Christmas Prince every day for 18 days straight. Sure, it's a bit creepy that Netflix is calling people out for their viewing habits. However, the world needs answers to this Christmas story mystery.


Wendy's makes a new friend

When it comes to social media responses, Wendy's is the undisputed queen of the Twitter takedown. A quick scroll through their replies will reveal dozens of roasts and lessons in brand social media presence. But sometimes it's nice to take a break from handing out verbal beatdowns and simply enjoy a nice, wholesome moment.


Dictionary.com takes on Kylie

You probably wouldn't guess that the dictionaries are some of the more cutthroat social media accounts. Usually, the Dictionary.com Twitter feed is full of interesting words and some grammar lessons. Occasionally, they feel the need to step in and deliver a linguistic smackdown. For example, shining a light on the fact that Kylie Jenner may not be "self-made."


The Denny's experience

Denny's is one of the oldest names in the social media game. They're also a little out there. Sometimes you can expect dad jokes. Occasionally, you might get a meme of an egg with abs. If you happen to respond to one of their more bizarre thoughts, you might just get an even stranger elaboration.


MoonPie hates your name

Some people can't help but make their opinions heard and sometimes they don't quite know when to stop. Kaela doesn't seem to have a taste for the chocolate and marshmallow treats that MoonPie offers and decides to let them know how she feels. After a short back-and-forth, MoonPie had enough and decided to return the favor.


Tinder ft. Kanye West

The hardest part of online dating is trying to figure out what to put in your bio. Thankfully, Tinder has your back with an assist from Yeezy himself. Kanye West tweeted a uniquely Kanye-esque thought and Tinder decided to have a little fun. Honestly, maybe Kanye-isms are the best possible bios.


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