A career change is a rewarding yet challenging life event. Many women decide to make a shift to a new and exciting career after turning 50. Despite many obstacles and misperceptions about making a significant shift later in life, there are many options and paths to fulfilling career options later in life that is worth considering, whether you have an advanced degree, a lifetime of work or life experience, or a combination of all three.

Real estate agent

A career in real estate is not only ideal for women over 50; it has the potential to become lucrative for anyone with the talent of selling homes and commercial buildings. At first glance, many people avoid this option because it may seem too difficult or expensive to obtain a license. The exact opposite is true. Courses and exams are usually affordable, and you can choose either part-time or full-time hours.

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Financial advisor

If you have a background in accounting or banking, you may find a great opportunity to become a financial advisor, even if it's not at an advanced level. This is especially ideal if you know investments, even at a novice level, and take a keen interest in it. Certification may require a monetary and time commitment. Still, you’re guaranteed to find career paths in this field, whether you’re already working within the industry or looking for a complete change in direction from your current work line.

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Life coach

Drawing from both professional and personal experience, there’s a lot of knowledge to refer to and learn from when you reach 50 and beyond. Applying these experiences into a plan to strengthen and support people who need coaching and direction to achieve their goals and improve their life. Similar to counseling in some aspects, a life coach doesn’t require the same credentials in psychology. The is more practical, hands-on advice, and taking on a more individual direction that fits each client-on-one. If you enjoy helping people achieve their personal and professional goals, this is an ideal option. A background in human resources is a definite asset.

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Interior designer

If you have a flair for design and fashion, as well as interior designs in your own home, interior design may be an excellent way to showcase your talent while creating a new way of earning an income. A background in interior decorating or related studies isn't necessary if you're comfortable working with suppliers and retailers to arrange for clients purchasing their first house or condominium or a new shop or storefront in need of a makeover.

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Teaching online

At the age of 50, you've got a few skills and a lot of experience that can be a valuable asset to teach others, whether it's how to write a resume, use a specific type of software, navigate a website, or learn a new language, you can create a course. Many websites host workshops and courses created by individuals specializing in a specific skill or talent. This is a flexible way to earn money and build a new career at your own pace.

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Freelance writing or virtual assistant

Administrative experience and writing skills can be easily applied to a wide variety of online freelance jobs, whether you are looking for data entry, medical transcription, writing articles, blog posts, or short stories and books for clients. There are unlimited opportunities available in these fields of work, and while there can be competition, they are high in demand and available for all skill levels. Some companies that hire freelancers offer courses and tutorials to help you succeed in various tasks. Alternatively, you can promote your services for hire on your own website and social media platforms.

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Start a small business

If you have access to a working space or retail storefront, a coffee shop or bookstore are just two of many ideas you can dream of for a business. With the cost of retail space becoming more expensive and competitive, many shops are moving online exclusively. This is a great opportunity to promote or market your artwork, crafts, and handmade goods you create. Whether you have an established blog or social media account or sell your items through a website, there are tools and guides along the way to improve your chances of success.

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Personal trainer or fitness coach

Fitness is always popular, and people of all ages and backgrounds follow new diet trends and workout routines to regularly achieve their goals. If you know about physical fitness or a lot of experience getting into shape with weightlifting and cardio techniques, personal fitness coaching is a great fit for you. Some facilities require certification or a course before you can coach clients at a gym or studio, though there are many potentials to find people interested in coaching. Specific training in yoga, boxing, martial arts, and other sports is also a great asset.

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Retail management

A job in retail may not seem like the first option for women over 50. However, there is often work available, even at the entry-level, and with the option of moving into supervisory and management roles. Banks with retail outlets, high-end fashion, and countless products and services with shops may be part of a corporation with career potential, along with other perks such as discounts, traveling to conferences, and other locations for work opportunities.

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Healthcare technicians

Clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, and private practices require health technicians in various fields, whether it's for emergency services, dental hygenist services, or laboratory technologists. This is a growing field of expertise that requires specialized training, though jobs are in demand, and the pay is competitive.

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