Given the fact we're hurtling towards the new roaring 20s, it's time 1920s hairstyles and fashion got their renaissance. It's a shame the hairdos sported by Josephine Baker and Louise Brooks went out of fashion. Then again, what is fashion but reclaiming what's proven successful before? Whether your hair now is long or short, there's a style from the jazz age for you. You just have to pick which one you like. In the actual 20s, women chopping their hair off was considered radical. What’s not to love about that?


1. Cootie Garage Braids

A popular 1920s hairstyle, cootie garages might look familiar. This style, also known as earphones, consisted of two buns on either side of the wearer's head. Resembling, you guessed it, earphones - or earmuffs, if you're reading this in winter and want to be warm. That's right; the iconic hairstyle Princess Leia wore in Star Wars was a genuine throwback to the 20s! Cootie garages got their name from their ability to hide anything the woman didn't want you to see.

Attractive mysterious young woman with double hair bun in Princess Leia hairstyle looks towards the camera

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