Black natural hair is a diverse assortment of kinks, coils, waves, and curls. For centuries, many women of African descent felt compelled to hide or alter their natural hair textures to conform to cultural preferences for straight hair. Since the late 20th century, however, Black women around the world have awakened to the unique beauty and versatility of their tresses. Classic and new spins on styling options let you celebrate your natural glory as it grows from the scalp. Set your crown with these ten low-fuss styles for natural black hair.


1. Afro

The afro comes in many sizes, from close tapered crops to massive Guinness record-breaking clouds of hair. The TWA – the Teeny Weeny Afro – is a popular variation for women who do the Big Chop and cut off their relaxed hair to go natural. Afros are a great option for women who do not have much time or patience to incorporate other techniques. Small, medium, or big, the Afro is always in fashion and easy to style with a pick or fingers.

black woman short afro MangoStar_Studio / Getty Images

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