What do Prince Harry and Lucille Ball have in common? They are both well-known members of the exclusive ginger club. Redheads are a point of fascination for many. Some parts of history paint those with red hair as witches with devious powers or otherworldly harbingers of misfortune. In a few cases, they were ostracized because they were thought to be unlucky, or that their wild and fiery tempers made them unmanageable. Whatever their past perception, individuals with red hair are subject to various characterizations, and some are based on facts.


1. Red Hair Gene

Redheads have a recessive gene called melanocortin-1 receptor, MC1R, located in chromosome 16. This means that if both parents have that gene and have red hair, there is more than a 99 percent chance that their children will have red hair. Even if the parents don't have red hair, they may still carry the MC1R gene and have ginger-haired kids. On top of that, redheads always have fair skin and some sport brown freckles. Those are extra features that come with the genes.

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