Whether you are a fan of Beyoncé or not, you have to agree that the side cornrow look she made famous looks great on everyone. These long, thin braids create a striking asymmetrical hair design. Offering a wide variety of styles, lemonade braids are very versatile but can take a long time to accomplish. If you lack patience, your salon can help. Use them alone or in conjunction with other braids. If you want the trending hair fashion, lemonade braids could be the answer.


1. Lots of long lemonade braids

This is the look that Beyoncé made famous. For this style, you need all the long, thin lemonade braids your head can hold, flowing beautifully from one side of your face around to the other. To accomplish this style, you need to make certain that all the braids are basically the same thickness. That attention to detail creates an unforgettably gorgeous look. Perfect for framing the face, this style also gives you loads of hanging braids. This softens the severity that some closely braided hairstyles possess. Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening in or heading out to a concert, your style will automatically be elevated with this hair design.

Channel your inner Beyonce with this signature look. karelnoppe / Getty Images

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