Have you ever wondered about the habits of the rich and famous? Self-made millionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates weren't born billionaires, so they must've had regular jobs just like us at some point, right? Indeed they did. So what are some of the jobs the world's richest people had before making it rich? Spoiler alert: some of these are very surprising!

Madonna, Dunkin' Donuts

Before Madonna Louise Ciccone became Madonna, the music icon we know her as today, she was a regular Dunkin' Donuts employee. Before making it in music, the star was just a regular Joe, serving a cup of Joe every day. She reportedly didn't last too long, with her managers relinquishing her duties after she squirted jelly filling on a customer. The low-paying jobs Madonna did in the early stages of her career were necessary, though, in helping her build character and stamina for the star she is today.

Madonna holding a fan in a hotel room, Tokyo, January 1985. Koh Hasebe /Shinko Music / Getty Images


Kanye West, Gap store associate

This one is tough to believe. With his own designer line that couldn't be further from mall fashion, it's almost unfathomable that this rap icon worked for the Gap. Kanye was a high school student and worked at the store part-time. If there's one thing to say about this celebrity, it's that hard work was always part of his life.

Rapper Kanye West performs at the Lifebeat Hearts and Voices benefit for AIDS research on March 11, 2004 at Float, in New York City. Peter Kramer / Getty Images


Brad Pitt, chicken costume dude

Yes, the hunk Brad Pitt who was once married to Jennifer Aniston and later to Angelina Jolie, was once that guy in the chicken suit working for El Pollo Loco. If this doesn't make you feel better about your current job, we don't know what will!

American actor Brad Pitt, London, 1988. Michael Putland / Getty Images


Meghan Markle, calligrapher

Before becoming an actress and later a real-life Duchess, Meghan Markle got by doing freelance jobs as a calligrapher. She was actually quite good at it and even penned the invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's wedding. One of the most unusual jobs on the list, Meghan Markle, has one thing in common with every other wealthy person on this list - she worked hard!

 Meghan Markle attends the Annual Charity Day Hosted By Cantor Fitzgerald And BGC at the Cantor Fitzgerald Office on September 11, 2013 in New York, United States. Mike McGregor / Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald


Ashton Kutcher, cereal sweeper

This one is surprising mainly because most people don't even know a cereal sweeper job exists - including us! Before becoming the rich and famous actor you know today, Kutcher held a series of odd jobs. One job was as a cereal sweeper at the General Mills factory.

Actor Ashton Kutcher poses outside The Lounge club April 5, 2002 in West Hollywood, CA. David Klein / Getty Images


Margot Robbie, Subway sandwich artist

It's hard to believe this stunning Australian beauty made sandwiches like the rest of us. But yes, this actress, who is now worth more than $26 million, is a former fast-food chain employee. Robbie has reportedly said she can't even go to Subway anymore today because watching young employees do it "wrong" is too upsetting. You can take the girl out of the fast-food chain, but, well, you know how it goes!

Actress Margot Robbie signs autographs as she attends the UK Premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street at London's Leicester Square on January 9, 2014 in London, England. Anthony Harvey / Getty Images for Universal Pictures


George Lucas, teaching assistant

Better known today for his epic Star Wars franchise, George Lucas was once just a simple teaching assistant in a class about cinematography for U.S. Navy students. With a serious interest in film, Lucas later went on to apprentice with Francis Ford Coppola before building his own name in Hollywood. Today, Lucas is worth over $7 billion. We hope his students took excellent notes.

American director and producer George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch, Marin County, California, 22nd January 1992. Jim Wilson / New York Times Co. / Getty Images)


Oprah Winfrey, grocery store clerk

At just 17-years-old, Oprah was a high school senior and honors student, as well as the winner of the Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Pageant. Her first job was as a grocery store clerk before she was hired by a local radio station to cover the news. Oprah later worked for a Baltimore news station where she was actually fired and told she was "unfit for TV news." Oprah is now one of the world's wealthiest people, largely thanks to her fame as a talk show host for 25 years.

Television Star Oprah Winfrey poses backstage during the 30th Annual People's Choice Awards at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium January 11, 2004 in Pasadena, California. Carlo Allegri / Getty Images


Bill Gates, computer programmer

It's not shocking that Gates started his career in tech. What actually is surprising is that he was a computer programmer for TRW when he was a senior in high school and then dropped out of college. They say college isn't for everyone. We bet he doesn't feel too badly about his decision to drop out and start his own business.

Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates poses July 1986 in Redmond, WA. Gates created Microsoft which is currently the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing with over 39,000 employees in 60 countries. Ed Kashi / Liaison


Jeff Bezos, McDonald's fry cook

Before rocketing to outer space and starting Amazon out of his very own garage, Jeff Bezos was just a regular 16-year-old working his first job at McDonald's. There's actually much to be said about McDonald's employees. Due to the quick and seamless service offered at the world's most famous fast-food chain, many in the business world consider it one of the toughest places for a teen to work and encourage young people to start there to learn the basics of hard work. Guess it worked for him!

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos smiles before opening the NASDAQ Stock Market November 18, 2002 in New York City. The electric-powered Segway transporter went on sale to the general public today and is available only at Amazon.com for $4,950. Mario Tama / Getty Images


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