The Golden Retriever is a very well-known and popular breed. They are bursting with love and loyalty to their families and socialize well with people and other animals. Goldens are very intelligent and learn fast.

They make excellent service dogs due to their sweet, affectionate nature, intelligence, and calm temperament. Golden Retrievers bring joy and comfort to their owners, but there are some downsides. It is every potential owner's responsibility to ensure dogs stay healthy, happy, and wanted. Golden Retrievers are a good fit in most families, but sometimes it is best to choose a different breed.


1. Size and Diet

Goldens are medium to large sized dogs. They range in size from 21 to 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 65 pounds. Most retrievers have long, powerful tails that are constantly moving, especially when the dog is excited. Their tails can clear a table or shelf fast. They are not a good fit in cluttered homes or for people who enjoy collecting and displaying items. Goldens eat an average of two or three cups of food each day. High-quality food and balanced nutrition are important for health and activity.

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