Is your love written in the stars? How about your friendships and work interactions? The zodiac can tell you a lot about the current state of some of your relationships. And when the penny drops, it can often be revelatory and empowering.

Having a positive, healthy dynamic with a person, the stars suggest, should be incompatible with you is unusual. But a special bond that bucks astrological trends can bring new meaning to the idea of 'meant to be.


Libras are social butterflies and nurture their relationships to a fault. They can sometimes be unsure of what the next step should be in work or other spheres.

Capricorns are on the polar end of the spectrum. Laser-focused on their careers, they sometimes struggle to maintain a work-life balance because they lean very hard into the former. They're super decisive and organized and could become critical of Libra's inability to make a choice and get on with things. Capricorns are also a little introverted, a personality trait that might not gel with an outgoing Libra.

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Aries are the kings and queens of being forthright and impulsive. They often leap before they look because the unknown is exhilarating, and they find the confines of an apartment or house too restrictive.

Cancers, on the other hand, are sensitive and operate in a slower, more considered way. They enjoy relaxing at home and believe you don't have to leave home to have fun.

These two zodiac signs have the makings of a toxic relationship.

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Scorpios and Leos are not opposites, and this could be a source of potential conflict. Both star signs are passionate and headstrong, so there's a good chance a Scorpio-Leo pair could butt heads just as much as they butt, well, butts. Collisions of ego could be catastrophic because neither sign likes to feel like they've let go of power.

While there are similarities between these couples, they have different tastes for being the center of attention. Scorpios don't divulge much, while Leos can be open books and the life of the party. Where they don't manage to balance each other out, things go sour.

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Another one of those matches where personality traits are so at odds with each other that huge question marks surround the couple's future. Like Aries and Cancer, this couple has a dynamic where the Aquarian is highly original and has a push-the-envelope attitude, and the Taurus bull is the circumspect conventional one.

For an Aquarius, the Taurus is reliable but boring. Taureans could see Aquarians as irresponsible. This can get grating eventually and is not conducive to a long-term relationship.

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Oy vey. Sagittarians play fast and loose with their appointments, while Virgoans are the kind of people who get to airports early enough to watch the harried latecomers arrive.

Sagittarians are prone to mess-making, and Virgoans like things nice and neat, at least when they aren't indulging their creative natures. But even though they have an artistic side, Virgoans see Saggitarians as more chaotic than a Jackson Pollock painting. And for their part, Saggitarians view their Virgo partners as over-thinking sticks in the mud.

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For water sign Pisces, smooth sailing can be hard to come by with a Gemini. Emotional and sensitive Pisceans are very private individuals who crave calm environments. They would never tolerate cheating in a partner, and Geminis, although rational, are prone to socializing and becoming unfaithful.

Both signs tend to keep things light when first courting. But the Geminian's need to not feel controlled can cause this relationship to crash-land.

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Virgos don't pull punches. They call things as they see them, and this approach can come off as harsh and abrasive to Libras with their romantic natures and optimism.

Virgos can be hilarious, but Libras aren't keen on their sense of humor. And Libras can seem a bit wishy-washy to practical Virgos. All this makes for a rather miserable time. This pairing is definitely one of the worst match-ups out there.

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This couple could go either way. When Scorpio and Taurus catch feelings, they're willing to go all in.

Scorpios open up their hearts to a select few, and in exchange for the honor, they expect unwavering loyalty. Possessive Taureans can get on board with that. What they're less into is the idea that reclusive Scorpios will pull them away from their thriving social lives.

It's rare for this pairing to be a mismatch in the bedroom. But that fieriness rears its head in fights too. Both signs are strong personalities and can be hostile towards each other. They also struggle to apologize.

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Remember those ambitious Capricorns? Well, they likely don't have time for fickle Geminis either. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, Capricorns are reliable. They see projects through from beginning to end.

Geminis are unpredictable and liable to do 180-degree turns at any given time. Geminis do a lot of talking, and Capricorns are people of action. This pairing can go horribly wrong, or it can be a match made in heaven with surprising symbiosis.

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Free-spirited and intellectual Aquarius and careful, helpful Cancer could rub each other the wrong way from the get-go. Cancerians are affectionate, and Aquarians are not. And Cancerians can become distrustful of Aquarians who never seem to be around when they need them.

Although both signs are loyal, they are misaligned on the emotional and communication levels, and it doesn't bode well.

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