Not all of us are born with green thumbs. Sometimes houseplants just seem to die even after we take great care of them. This is usually because most plants are incredibly easy to overwater. However, just because some plants are fussy about how often they need watering, doesn’t mean that we should lose out on the joy of owning them. Thankfully, there are plenty of plants out there that love water and thrive in damp environments.


1. Baby’s tears

From just appearances, you would probably assume that the Baby’s Tears plant is a sensitive and delicate herb. It has small, bean-shaped leaves and thin, fragile stems. However, despite needing a decent amount of care, it can survive even in marshy environments. The chances of you killing this plant through overwatering are extremely low. It works great in terrariums, as a table plant, or as a hanging plant. Mossy-green is the most popular variety, but it also has gold, white, and yellow breeds.

babys tears plant gojak / Getty Images

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