Economic downturns are a challenge for everyone, or at least that's the assumption. Capitalism has provided certain industries the chance to thrive in a recession. As businesses cut expenses, mostly in the form of employees, some sectors are primed to take full advantage of the situation. They are well-adapted to the concept of running leaner businesses or are businesses that have tapped into essential veins. Whatever their plans, the road to being a recession-proof business is much rockier than it used to be.


1. Grocery Stores

During the Great Recession, households employed many coping mechanisms to survive, and one of them was to forgo going out to eat as much. Research showed that during that time, grocery store food purchases increased, despite an uptick in prices. Data also showed that while top brands still made money, they lost market share to cheaper competitors.

Grocery stores purchases prices recession Images By Tang Ming Tung / Getty Images

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