If you've turned on your TV or opened up a magazine lately, you may have noticed that hairstyles have gotten their very own accessories. Hair clips from barely-there minis to over-the-top $400 rhinestone-encrusted Gucci versions are having a really, really big moment. Interested in trying the trend, but afraid of looking like a little girl? Fear not: Today's hair clips have gotten a makeover, and they're anything but childish. Need proof? Look no further than Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Janelle Monáe, who prove there are many chic ways to wear them.

Elegant statement-maker

Wearing the hair down in soft, loose waves is a popular choice for just about any situation, from work to attending a wedding. If you want to elevate your entire look, simply accent the hairstyle with a single hair clip. To keep it chic without going overboard, place the clip low on the head, holding hair back behind one ear, and choose lady-like embellishments. Think pearls over glitter or bright colors.

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Coordinating clips

No matter what sort of hairstyle you're rocking, adding multiple hair clips is an excellent way to step it up a notch – or three. The best way to pull off wearing more than one hair clip is to make sure they're different but just coordinated enough. Go for clips that are all in the same color family or have perfectly contrasting patterns, like stripes and polka dots.

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Mini clips are a great solution for shorter hairstyles or when you just need to keep a small section of hair out of your face. They make a fun little fashion statement, but they're also functional, and they hold more hair than you'd think. Because of their size, mini clips tend to be a bit more subtle than their larger counterparts but don't let that deter you. You can find them in any color and finish imaginable.

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Form and function

Hair clips are pretty and fun, absolutely. They also serve an actual purpose, though: to secure the hair in some way. Longer hair clips tend to hold more hair and be crease-free, which makes them a more attractive option than hair elastics. Consider keeping one in your purse for those days when you want or need to put your hair up when you're on the go.

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There's nothing that says girlie girl like a proper bow – and that isn't a bad thing. While bows certainly lend a certain level of whimsy and playfulness to any look, they can be more serious, too. Try wearing a bow clip to accent a low bun or a half-up style. This works especially well as an accent to professional outfits, but do be sure the bow isn't too big or too bright.

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Pony up

The ponytail is arguably the most basic hairstyle. That's not a knock; there are tons of good reasons to rock a ponytail and really no bad ones. Whether you're exercising, it's windy, or you just need your hair to stop falling in your face, there's a ponytail for that. Next time you pull your locks back, add your favorite hair clip. It's a fast and easy way to take your pony from blah to ahh.


Back to basics

Before elaborate, embellished hair clips became popular recently, there were barrettes. Barrettes were the hair accessory in the 90s. You could get shaped or colored ones, but they were still pretty simple. Simply awesome, that is. Today, all things 90s are back in a big way, so go ahead and bust out the old school barrettes. To nail this retro look, just remember to keep it simple.

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Anything but boring

A bun, sometimes called a topknot, is a go-to hairstyle for women everywhere. Running late? Throw your hair in a bun. Really need to wash your hair but no time today? Put it up in a bun. Just having a bad hair day? Bun. Adding a hair clip to a bun, whether it's a smooth, low style or a messy topknot piled high on the top of the head, can totally change your look.

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Perfectly pinned

The wear-as-many-bobby-pins-as-you-can-at-once trend is everywhere. This fun and eye-catching trend has been seen on fashion show runways, A-list celebrities, and in some of the most stylish cities in the world. To nail this look, the only rule is the more bobby pins, the better. Keep it sleek with all the same color or go for an eclectic look and wear pins in different finishes, colors, and even sizes.

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Fancy frocks

For special occasions such as proms and weddings, many women choose to go to a salon and get a professional updo. Beautifully pulled back, perfectly arranged hair really does make a wonderful complement to formal gowns. To elevate the look even further, accent your 'do with a fancy hair clip. Go for drama here: crystals, pearls, and the bigger, the better.

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