Looking for a regal hairstyle that is easy to manage? Beautiful goddess braids offer women just that. With seemingly endless variations, you can instantly adopt a style with sleek sophistication and mythical beauty. While goddess braids may resemble cornrows, they are quite different. Goddess braids are bigger and bolder braids that start very close to the scalp. There are many designs to choose from, and some goddess braid styles keep their good looks for weeks. Versatile and trendy, goddess braids take a long time to complete. While the braiding is easy, you may want to visit the salon.


1. Goddess side-to-side braids

If you are just beginning with the goddess braid, this is the perfect style to try. This coif sports a single thick braid that gradually turns into a thin ribbon at the bottom or just frames the face and lets the rest flow free. Or, you could incorporate several thick goddess braids into an eye-catching hairstyle with swagger. It is both bold and feminine, with an artistic design appeal. The goddess side braid is a great way to show off your highlights, too. Whether using your hair or extensions, this dramatic style blends the classic and the modern aesthetic in one gorgeous hairstyle.

Side-to-side goddess braids are a neat and orderly way to show your style. MoMo Productions / Getty Images

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