Looking for a regal hairstyle that is easy to manage? Beautiful goddess braids offer women just that. With seemingly endless variations, you can instantly adopt a style with sleek sophistication and mythical beauty. While goddess braids may resemble cornrows, they are quite different. Goddess braids are bigger and bolder braids that start very close to the scalp. There are many designs to choose from, and some goddess braid styles keep their good looks for weeks. Versatile and trendy, goddess braids take a long time to complete. While the braiding is easy, you may want to visit the salon.

Goddess side-to-side braids

If you are just beginning with the goddess braid, this is the perfect style to try. This coif sports a single thick braid that gradually turns into a thin ribbon at the bottom or just frames the face and lets the rest flow free. Or, you could incorporate several thick goddess braids into an eye-catching hairstyle with swagger. It is both bold and feminine, with an artistic design appeal. The goddess side braid is a great way to show off your highlights, too. Whether using your hair or extensions, this dramatic style blends the classic and the modern aesthetic in one gorgeous hairstyle.

Side-to-side goddess braids are a neat and orderly way to show your style. MoMo Productions / Getty Images


Goddess braid vertical bun

This modern goddess braid bun flows seamlessly from a busy workday to an elegant evening on the town. While it may appear just like any other braid bun, it has a slight twist. Instead of wrapping around horizontally to form the stack, this bun lays the braids around each other vertically. The striking switch on a classic design will draw attention wherever you go. It makes a classic outfit shine a little brighter while complementing the latest trends equally well. This goddess braid bun showcases your feminine side, your fun side, and your daring fashion sense.

With multiple goddess braids, you can build a beautiful bun. PeopleImages / Getty Images


Goddess braid twin roses

This trendy look is certain to unleash your fashion wild side. With two goddess braids wrapped neatly into twin roses, this coif has a youthful playfulness that keeps your hair looking neat and orderly, as well. These dainty rosettes are the perfect showcase for a wine-red or purple color shock. While it isn't a really difficult look to attain, care needs to be taken to make sure everything lines up precisely. The trick to this style is to make certain that the braids are perfectly placed opposite each other on the top of the head. This hairstyle is extremely appealing with an assortment of fashion styles and adds a bit of flash to wake up the party.

Studio portrait of pensive afro american cute teenage woman. Studio shot, grey background. izusek / Getty Images


Long goddess braids

With its bold asymmetrical design, this hairstyle will get attention wherever you go. As the braids pull away from one side of the face and curve around to the other, they focus the attention on the beauty of your face. The long braids swing freely, maintaining their good looks throughout the day or night. Long goddess braids can be worn plain or dressed up with shiny gold accents, like cuffs or wire. Whether dressed up or down, this mass of braids gets noticed wherever you go.

Long goddess braids add flair to any fashion type. m-imagephotography / Getty Images


Goddess ponytail braids

For a beautiful hairdo that is pulled back out of your face, try a series of straight or curving goddess braids that wrap around into a ponytail. Especially good for hot weather, this trending style is not your ordinary ponytail. There are many ways to alter this hairstyle. You can add an alternative color to liven it up, like red extensions. Or you can dress it up with sparkling gold accents for a stunning look.

This goddess braid ponytail keeps your hair out of your face in high style. PeopleImages / Getty Images


Twin goddess braids

These fun braids give you a chance to show your carefree, youthful side with style. The hair is parted sharply down the middle and is separated into two sections, one on each side of the head. Beginning near the forehead, each braid is worked close to the scalp and to the back of the head. As they leave the head, Dutch braids form a thick, free-hanging braid on each side. You can dress these pigtail braids up however you want or wear them plain. Either way, these twin goddess braids add a bit of playfulness to your usual style.

Tap into your inner child with these twin goddess braids. South_agency / Getty Images


Multiple goddess braid bun

Once you have become more familiar with goddess braids, you might want to try a goddess bun made with many smaller braids. Closely braided to the scalp and perfectly spaced, these braids create waves that ripple up and into a top knot twist. To add to the beauty of this hairstyle, you can change the color or add an alternate color or highlights. As they twist into the bun, they will weave a fascinating one-of-a-kind design.

Portrait of an attractive young woman with beautiful braids posing outdoors PeopleImages / Getty Images


Goddess box braids

With their angular pattern and precise parts, this hairstyle uses several box braids makes a bold statement. The braids create an impressive design that emphasizes your daring fashion sense beautifully. You may be familiar with box braids from Janet Jackson's style in the 1990s. One of the great things about box braids is their long-lasting good looks. If cared for, these braids can last four to six weeks. Goddess box braids can perfectly complement your style for quite a long time, with proper care. It is also a good choice for women with thin hair.

Try goddess box braids for long-lasting style. golubovy / Getty Images


Goddess braid mohawk

For an unforgettable look, try these goddess braids for your next occasion. With a youthful, energetic style, this coif gives you the chance to let loose, while maintaining an orderly style. Small goddess braids slope toward a freestyle Mohawk, making this a perfect choice for shorter hairstyles. To amp up your look, add a bold coloring blend to all or part of your hair. Show your fun-loving side with this twist on the traditional Mohawk for an unforgettable look that will surprise and delight your friends. Your sassy style will be remembered long after the hairstyle is gone.

Close up african hairstylist braided hair of afro american female client in the barber salon.


Long thick goddess braids

Unlike the long goddess braids from earlier, these braids are much thicker, so there are fewer of them. This look is not only feminine, but it is also very versatile. You can wear this style with the braids down or pull them up into a ponytail or bun. For this style to work, extreme care must be taken when dividing the hair. The braids on one side must match the ones on the other precisely for this trending look. This long-wearing style is great for women who want several looks from a single styling visit. With care, this coif can be around for several weeks, giving you a lot of looks from one hairdo.

You can rock your long, thick goddess braids for weeks. PeopleImages / Getty Images


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