Snakes have a dubious reputation that stretches back thousands of years. Their unique way of moving and appearance can trigger awe or ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. Feared or revered, snakes are fascinating creatures, and the size some species can grow to makes them especially mind-blowing. Most of the largest species are long extinct, but many sizeable snakes continue to slither in many parts of the world.


1. Olive Python

The carnivorous olive python, Liasis olivaceus, is considered one of Australia’s largest snakes and can grow up to about 13 feet long. It’s a ground-dwelling snake that can be found hiding under rocks and hollow logs near water. Hiding near water is part of the snake's strategy to catch prey who come for a drink, such as rock wallabies.

olive python australia liasis olivaceus Julien Viry / Getty Images

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