Gender-neutral names are on-trend right now and more popular than ever before. Many parents these days are breaking free from the tired gender binary and choosing unisex names for their kids that aren’t confined to any category. This gender-inclusive naming style is even reflected in celebrity culture — just look at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who recently named their baby daughter James.


1. Elliot

Originally derived from an English surname meaning “Jehovah is Good,” Elliot has been a popular first name for both girls and boys for several decades now. Although most strongly associated with the boy in the 1981 movie ET, Elliot began climbing the ranks as a girls’ name when political commentator George Stephanopoulos and his actress wife Ali Wentworth gave the name to their daughter in 2002. Elliot is the perfect middle ground of being neither too common nor too attention-grabbing. There are also quite a few spelling variations to choose from, including Elliot, Elliott, Eliot, Eliott, and Elliotte. Feminine nicknames include Ella, Ellie, and Elle.

Elliot onebluelight / Getty Images

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