If you’re looking for a break from daily detangling or tight braids, discover the ease of crochet hairstyles. Crochet hairstyles provide countless ways to add style and volume without placing stress on the scalp or strands. They can help protect your real hair from constant manipulation and the elements as well.

Many crochet hairstyles are so simple to install that a novice can try them at home, and they are very low-maintenance. Switch up your look in minutes with these time- and money-saving coiffures.

What Are Crochet Hairstyles?

Crochet hairstyles are made by using a latch hook or crochet needle to add synthetic hair to your own hair. The hair extensions aren’t sewn in like weaves, but they are attached by looping to your hair and knotting in place. This is a chemical- and heat-free technique of protective styling that is typically much faster to complete than many other protective styles such as braids and twists.

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Twist Out Look

For an elegant, shoulder-length crochet hairstyle, try a twist out look. Create a base of cornrows or flat twists, making a middle or side part as you prefer. They do not have to be completely straight or neat as the crochet hair will cover them. Install synthetic hair about the width of two fingers apart into your cornrows. When installing front pieces where your part will show, add smaller portions to decrease bulk.

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Curly Fro Hawk

This curly fro hawk ‘do requires zero braiding for a fab crochet hairstyle. Part your hair into three sections and twist the ends. Pull the sections together with an ouchless band and make a small bun in the back of your head. Using curly synthetic hair, crochet wefts into the twisted sections.

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Cute Bun and Bang

Create a fun or sophisticated updo crochet hairstyle with absolutely no braiding or cornrows. Pull your hair into a high bun. Loop some curly crochet hair onto an ouchless ponytail holder and place it around your bun. Cut some more of the curly hair and crochet it into the front of your hair to make a bang. Change your bun and whenever you want with different textures, curl patterns, and colors.

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Half Up/Half Down

The ponytail method for installing a crochet hairstyle works for half up/half down looks, too. Part the hair from ear to ear. Gather each section into ponytails, twist the ends, and form into buns. Look crochet hair of your desired texture into ponytail holders and place the added hair over each bun. Depending on the texture of the hair you’re using, pin down the synthetic hair or fluff and primp into the look you want to achieve.


Straight Hair Look

If you can’t or don’t have time to do cornrows, you can still create a stunning straight hair crochet hairstyle. Part the hair into front and back sections, then part the front half into two equal sections. Place an ouchless band around each part, then gather the three sections together and pin them down.

Using 5 or 6 packs of hair, use a hook, and double-knot the added hair into your hair. Use the knotless method around the hairline. Add mousse to help flatten the hair if desired. This method works with most faux hair textures.

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Create a Crochet Wig

For an easy-on, easy-off crochet hairstyle option, attach crochet hair to a wig cap. With a wealth of tutorials available online, you’ll find it’s unbelievably easy to fashion wigs in a short time for a fraction of the price of many wigs. Form your own customized look with the texture, length, color, and density you desire.

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Starting Steps

Begin your crochet hairstyle with clean, well-conditioned hair. Wash and use a deep conditioner for your hair. Blow-dry on low heat or air dry in plaits to stretch the hair. Apply a moisturizer to each section as you form cornrows or flat twists. If you’re just forming a ponytail style, you may want to use styling gel or pomade for a sleek look.

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Cornrows and Flat Twist Bases

Many crochet hairstyles call for a braided base. This can be as simple as 8 to 10 cornrows going from front to back. For some styles, it may be best to form a braid going across the front of your head, then braiding the rest of your hair back. Flat twists are a perfect alternative when cornrows are too challenging or time-consuming.

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Care for Styles

Crochet hairstyles can last from two to eight weeks, depending on the style and how well you can maintain them. If you intend to keep crochet hair in for an extended period of time, use a tightly curled texture as it will hold its shape and not frizz as quickly as other textures. Moisturize your hair and the added hair two or three times weekly by lightly spraying with a diluted leave-in conditioner. Pineapple the hair at night or cover with a silk or satin bonnet.

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