Growing older doesn't mean you have to look older. Like the fountain of youth, making smart fashion choices can help you look as young as you feel. We've curated some fashion tips on how you can look instantly youthful using by adjusting your outfit choices. Which one will you try first?

Opt for a fitted silhouette

Oversized jackets and baggy jeans may feel comfortable, but they aren't very flattering. The extra material and box shape often weighs the body down making you seem older and tired. For a vibrant youthful look, replace baggy pants with dark jeans with a sleeker cut, or jeggings. Pair it with a muted t-shirt in neutrals or colors and a shorter fitted blazer that hits mid-hip. This combination will give you a slimmer silhouette that flatters your figure.

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Wear more denim

Being older doesn't mean you should steer clear of denim. From dresses and shirts to good old jeans, it's a staple that can have you looking and feeling younger. Start with a high-waisted pair of jeans. The hi-rise alternatives cover your waist and belly area giving you a better fit and slimmer silhouette.

Skinny, jeans, jeggings, and bootleg jeans are some popular cuts that are flattering for most body types. But don't stop there, denim dresses are versatile, classic, young-looking. Pair a button-down collar denim dress in a pair of loafers in summer or an ankle boot in the fall months.

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Add pops of color

Colors are fun, vibrant, and youthful. Adding wearing a solid color can elevate an outfit and help you look younger. Ditch the large floral print blouse and pair your favorite pants with a colorful t-shirt, blouse or sweater instead. A colorful patterned skirt with a neutral tank top or fitted t-shirt works wonders too. Alternatively, accessories with a brightly colored scarf.

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Show off your shoulders

Tops and dresses that highlight the shoulders are modern and look good on women of all ages and sizes. Whether it's an off the shoulder dress or sweatshirt, a one-shoulder blouse, or cold shoulder tops, these styles will modernize your wardrobe while taking off the years.

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Avoid high rounded necklines

Wearing a blouse with a v-neck creates the illusion of length and a slimmer look that instantly looks youthful and energetic. Instead of sweaters and tunics with a high round neckline, choose blouses and shirts with a collar and lower neckline. You can also add a cute necklace to add extra sparkle to the outfit.

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Wear statement shoes

As you get older shoes should be comfortable and fashionable. Wearing proper shoes can refresh your look while still supporting your feet to prevent injury. For a more youthful look, shoes with thin straps to lengthen the legs. Or choose a printed boot with a thicker sole. Switch out your pencil heels for ones with more support and cushioning on the inside. Nude colors like brown, cream, or peach are great choices if you want a touch of intrigue and pizzazz.

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Accessories can make or date an outfit. Big clunky jewelry weighs you down making you look heavier, tired, and even dated. Wear dainty jewelry with an interesting pendant or smaller beads that draw the eye down lengthening the torso. As for earrings, dangling earrings that reflect the light can give you a youthful glow and draw attention to your face. Sunglasses are a cost-effective way to add whimsy and flair to your look. Choosing a few pairs of trendy sunglasses can help you turn back the clock without breaking the bank.

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Be bold

Patterns can be old and dated or fun and youthful. The key is in choosing the correct patterns. Instead of big, busy, geometric patterns with straight lines, go for softer curved patterns in light, vibrant colors. Smaller floral prints are also preferable. The key is to choose prints and patterns that accentuate your features rather than hide them.

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Wear fitted undergarments

Wearing the proper bra and shapewear can do wonders for your posture and appearance. Not only will your clothes fit better, but the right bra will lift your bust which gives you a younger look. To ensure you buy the proper size, get fitted the next time you go bra shopping.

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Think about the outfit as a whole

If your goal is to look younger, pairing classics like pleated skirts, bow blouses, or cardigans, with modern garments to create a more youthful outfit. For instance, pairing a pleated skirt with a white tank top and denim jacket would create a modern outfit. Similarly, wearing your favorite white blouse with a pair of dark denim jeans, and boots creates a fresh, contemporary ensemble. "Modern pieces could be trendy pieces, but it doesn't have to be it could still be a modern classic piece," says Busbee Style creator Erin. Throwing a cardigan over a pair of black pants and a plain top will bring classic pieces into the 21st century making you look chic.

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