In today's modern world, what you wear is less restricted than ever before. That is why you must challenge some of the rules that are completely outdated or downright ridiculous. When you learn to ignore such rules, you have the freedom to express yourself in any way you like. Like anything in life, be a leader, not a follower; if you're confident in what you wear and how you wear it, then power to you.

As the great Pablo Picasso once said, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." Fashion provides a sense of personalized artistry, which is why in this case, you can break the rules.

Navy and black clash

Says who? There are plenty of stars who proudly rep navy and black — and so should you! Nothing screams casual elegance like a smart pair of navy skinny jeans with a black leather coat or loafers. Both navy and black are predominant colors in anyone's wardrobe, and for good reason. Both of these colors are flattering and pair well with pretty much anything, including each other. The key is to choose your shades wisely, allowing one item to remain the core focus of your outfit.

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Your shoes and bags must match at all times

Don't get stuck in the 50s. There is no need to match your shoes and bags — this concept is completely outdated. Decades ago, people would invest in matching sets that would be appropriate for all seasons and occasions. However, like all fashion-related trends, the need to be "matchy-matchy" has long vanished. In today's world of fashion, mixing things up is half the fun. Go ahead, wear your latest summer sneakers and pair them with your new chunky clutch. Of course, if you're heading out to a special event, there's nothing wrong with matching your bright-colored heels with the matching-colored bag. Make this rule the exception, not something you live by every day.

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No white after Labor Day

The no white after Labor Day rule has deep roots in history. Created by the elite in 19th-century America, this rule flourished into the 20th century because of the wealthy. It became one of those things that people knew about but didn't really know why they needed to follow it. Today, any fashion designer or editor will tell you that there's no need to follow this rule. So go ahead, wear a white sweater or a pair of chic white pants in December.

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No mixing metals

All you have to do is look up photos of Rihanna to see that this rule has no merit. If you can't decide between silver or gold, you don't have to. Wear what you like, showcase your confidence, and you'll look just as glamorous as RiRi. One of the best ways to pull this look off is to wear one item that mixing metals, like a watch. That way, you can wear either metal anywhere else in your outfit.

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Your size decides

Many think that your size reflects what you should wear. However, this archaic rule should not dictate your style. Instead, follow those in the spotlight who choose the shape, fit, and length that's right for them, based on what they want to wear — not their dress size. The key is learning how to balance proportions. Wear clothes that fit your body shape, but not necessarily in the conventional way. Want to play around with oversized looks or unusual shapes? Pair a puffy-shoulder shirt with some skinny jeans. It's all about finding your personal style and having fun with it.

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Girls wear girls' clothes, and boys wear boys' clothes

Boring! Again, don't get stuck in a time warp. The world's views and approach to gender continue to evolve, thank goodness! Many individuals shop outside of their gender, and there's nothing wrong with that. Fashion is about pushing the norm, so go ahead, wander over into the other gender's clothing section. You may find yourself a gem!

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One print only

Many emerging designers think this rule is nothing more than words. Sticking to one print may be dull in your eyes, and if so, live a little. For many, bolder is better. Start by pairing different prints with the tonal range. If you like that, go wild. If you're in doubt, go completely monochrome. Mix all the prints you like, selecting items that are varying shades of black and white.

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Only wear black socks to work

When it comes to office attire, every company has its own set of rules. However, a colorful, creative pair of socks is no reason for concern. Who says you can't pair your dress pants and blazer with a pair of socks that pop? There are many professionals who sport colorful, patterned socks. So, if that's your thing, feel free to turn a few heads in the breakroom.

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No brown and black

Now wait a minute — no navy and black together, AND no brown and black pairings? Although this rule is well-documented, passed down from one generation to the next, it no longer applies. There are so many shades of brown that pair wonderfully with black. Think leopard skin tights with a black top and a black fedora. That sounds like a fun and sexy outfit!

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No horizontal stripes

Some say don't wear stripes because you'll appear larger than you are. Others say you look like a zebra, regardless of the reason why the no horizontal stripes rule retired many moons ago. In fact, there have actually been studies done on this topic, concluding that horizontal stripes do not make you look wider.

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