Looking to refresh your style? Box braids were incredibly popular in the 90s, and just like scrunchies, velour tracksuits, and frosty blue eyeshadow, they've made a comeback. Small sections of hair are braided individually and organized into squares, or "boxes," all over the head. The low-maintenance, versatile style allows hair to grow naturally and keeps it protected. Braids can vary greatly in thickness and length but are often worn quite long, largely influenced by celebrities including Jada Pinkett Smith and Alicia Keys. They can be worn up or down and styled in any number of ways.


1. Ultra-thick twists

This box braid style is traditional yet has a modern flair. The individual braids are actually twists, which resemble traditional dreadlocks and give off a natural vibe. You should aim to pick a braid style that works well with your natural hair's texture and condition. For thicker hair, it makes more sense to choose thicker braids, which are heavier but are supported by larger sections of hair.

A woman with long and very thick box braids Delmaine Donson / Getty Images

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