There is no doubt that newlyweds often receive staples, like stainless steel cookware and breakfast trays, but taking the time to plan a more meaningful gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate and congratulate the newly-married couple. Coming up with a creative wedding gift idea is a great way to honor the bond between the couple. Plus, it's just plain fun to be different sometimes.

Personalized game set

A personalized game set is a gift that's anything but ordinary. It can be a one-of-a-kind source of amusement for years to come. Imagine a personalized monopoly game board where, instead of going to jail, the punishment is sitting in a needless work meeting. You can even replace all of the exotic locations from the original with places that have special meaning for the newlyweds. Of course, there are plenty of options, but one thing is for sure: game night will never be the same.

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Engraved cheese and wine boards

Make sure those at-home happy hours are unforgettable with a specialized combination cheese board for charcuterie date nights. These can be custom made from unused wine or spirit barrels and designed with upright slots for hanging wine glasses. For that extra special touch, you can engrave their names, anniversary date, or a special poem. To ensure they have plenty of chances to use it, gift a short subscription to a monthly wine, fruit, or cheese club.

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Custom coasters

Chances are, there will be plenty of glasses and cups gifted to the married couple, but what about coasters? Customized coasters are the perfect combination of clever and practical. These coasters can be embossed with their initials or stamped with a meaningful picture. Make them as special or as formal as you want and revel in the knowledge that no one else even thought of such a unique wedding gift idea.

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Tokens of affection

As life gets busy, intimate moments can get shoved to the back burner. Loving words and gestures get lost in quick texts and grunted greetings. A great gift idea is to give the couple literal tokens of affection, which could be as simple as a coupon book for a hug, kiss, or more. They can also be little messages of appreciation, inspiration, or love snuck into pockets as thoughtful reminders. Another option instead of a coupon book is to give them engraved, decorative tokens made of metal, wood, or stone.

Creative Wedding Gift Ideas Newlyweds Will Love


Heritage stoneware dish

While pans and skillets are great practical gifts, every kitchen needs that one dish that can be used for anything. Heritage stoneware can be passed down as an heirloom because it's great for both carefully prepared dinners or something you had to throw together at the last minute. Give the happy couple that one, indispensable piece of cookware that will have loads of stories to go with amazing recipes.

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Jar of date night ideas

A date night jar is an easy, creative way of keeping things fresh, even after the honeymoon is over. Dinner at a favorite restaurant is nice, but sometimes you need something more spontaneous. This jar of ideas is a fun way to keep the relationship from going stale, which is a risk for couples leading active lives. Some dates include camping in the backyard and coming up with a new constellation while enjoying a nighttime picnic. What a great way to mix things up. Attach restaurant gift cards or even cash to the ideas to support the couple's date night adventures.

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Alcohol-infused gourmet coffee

Alcohol-infused coffee adds a bit of happy hour to the morning rush. Whether it's bourbon or whiskey, it's a combination they never knew they needed, until they took that first sip. This kind of gourmet coffee creates a bold, smooth flavor that starts mornings on the right foot. They're available as whole beans, grounds, or pods, but you can make this wedding gift idea even more fun by adding a pair of customized cheeky mugs.

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Star map

With this celestial map art, their special day takes on a more heavenly meaning. Based on the date and location of the wedding, this custom map shows the exact alignment of the stars and planets on that night. This unusual piece of art is an unforgettable way to mark the occasion. It can also be a cute start to a yearly tradition.

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Handwoven bath towels

There are regular beach towels, and then there are oversized handwoven Turkish bath towels. Like terry cloth towels, Hammam towels are soft, luxurious, and versatile. They are extra absorbent and big enough to be used as picnic throws, sarongs, beach towels, or that extra layer of warmth in the car or the couch. These towels are thin and light, so packing them won't add unwanted weight to luggage. A pair of specialty Turkish towels makes an exotic wedding gift.

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Simple security camera

While it may seem like a cynical gift for newlyweds, it speaks to the desire to impart peace of mind. With all of their new, expensive gifts, it's a good idea to keep a closer watch at home. This security camera doesn't have to be part of some extensive, complex system. It can be something as simple as a single, hidden camera that helps them keep an eye on the doorway while they're at work. A home camera provides security and comfort, making it one of the best wedding gifts they could ever receive.

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