There’s more to fashion than matching one item of clothing to another. The right outfit gives you natural confidence that exudes from your very being. But, did you know there are pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that are hurting you?

From your favorite bra to those new sunglasses you had to have, your fashion choices are causing some of your mysterious ailments. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Bio-chemics stated improperly fitted bras could cause stretch marks and back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans add pizzazz to every ensemble; there's no denying it. But when you squeeze yourself into your favorite pair, you’re compressing the nerves in your legs and groin, causing reduced blood flow to your lower legs.



Rompers are fun and flirty, but they can make using the restroom a hassle. It turns out that romper-wearers are more likely to put off going to the bathroom because it means removing the entire one-piece, leaving them almost naked. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, delaying urination for too long may weaken bladder muscles and increase your chances of infection. Keep your bladder healthy by staying hydrated, going when you have the urge, and emptying your bladder every time.

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They are the go-to choice for most of us, whether we’re relaxing or working out. But, did you know leggings are a breeding ground for bacteria when worn for long periods of time?

Yeast and bacteria love moist, sweaty places. These micro-organisms thrive in our leggings, and when their volume gets excessive, this increases the chances of yeast and other vaginal infections.

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High heels

There’s no doubt high heels make your legs look leaner but, there's a catch. They're causing serious damage to your feet as well. A study published just a few years ago in the International Journal of Clinical Practice stated the prolonged use of heels can cause injury to your ankles. Additionally, the Spine Health Institute says wearing heels places pressure on your lower back and hip muscles, taking the spine and hip out of alignment in the process.



Body-conscious styles and light fabrics might have you reaching for your thong underwear, but wearing them can have unintended consequences. Their very design makes thongs more likely to transmit bacteria from the colon toward the vagina. You're much better off wearing no-show panties in cotton or nylon, which allow better airflow to prevent moisture.

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Your ballet slippers might look cute with that new dress you just bought, but there's a reason your feet hurt after wearing them for hours on end. Simply put, they're not giving your body the support it needs. In fact, wearing flat shoes regularly can cause plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, and hip and back problems.

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Bathing Suits

Wearing a wet bathing suit for long periods can make you a candidate for yeast infections or vulvitis, an inflammation of the vulva. Keep your parts dry by packing an extra suit or set of underwear in your beach bag. The same goes for pool parties. Chlorine and similar chemicals don't just create a warm and moist atmosphere for bacteria to breed, but they can also irritate sensitive skin.

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Corsets and waist trainers

Virtually every woman wants a slimmer silhouette, but using corsets and waist trainers isn’t the way to go. Abdominal exercises strengthen our muscles, but corsets expose them to unnecessary pressure. This results in less abdominal definition and an increased risk of low back injury and pain.

Wearing a waist trainer also causes bruises, especially on your ribs. Additionally, it limits your blood flow, which causes numbness.

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Colored underwear

If you've got skin irritation down there, your colored underwear might be the culprit. Disperse dyes are common in the fashion industry, and they're used to color synthetic fabrics. They don't chemically bond to fibers, though, making it easy for them to rub off onto sensitive skin, causing an allergic reaction. Sticking to white or cotton underwear can help, and while you're at it, ditch your detergents or fabric softeners that include dyes and fragrances.

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Halter tops

Who doesn’t love a good halter top? They're sophisticated yet subtle. Sultry and feminine yet fun and playful. Truly the ultimate must-have for every wardrobe. But according to experts, if your bra size is a C or higher and your halter ties around your neck, it causes neck pain and tingling in the hands and arms.



Stomach sweatbands claim to burn fat and calories, but they don't work the way you might believe. Also called abdominal wraps or waist trimmers, sweatbands work by trapping heat as you exercise, prompting you to sweat. Unfortunately, the only thing you're losing is water weight, which you'll put back on once you rehydrate — if you aren't already dehydrated. Sweatbands also limit your torso's movement, which keeps you from engaging your abdominal muscles and possibly restricts blood circulation.

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Heavy bags

Most of us wear our overloaded bags on one designated shoulder, and it’s time to stop. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association says your bag should never weigh more than 10% of your body weight. Not only can carrying heavy bags cause back and shoulder pain, it can also lead to numbness in the hand caused from nerve damage.



There’s no denying sunglasses are helpful. They provide our eyes with necessary protection from harmful UV rays during those hot summer months and are also a great way to turn an ensemble from drab to fab. But, when we wear sunglasses inside dimly lit buildings or in the evening, it causes eye strain. This increases your chances of major eye problems in the future.



Who doesn't love cuddling on the couch with their favorite pair of pajamas? Pajamas are our go-to comfy clothes, especially during cold winter nights. So, how are they harmful to your health? The answer is simpler than you think. Pajamas that are too warm or too tight contribute to the growth of bacteria, leading to issues like itchy skin or yeast infections.


Flip flops

It’s ironic, but wearing flip-flops leaves your feet open to a host of nasty things like viruses, germs, and other microorganisms. Flip-flops can also cause heel pain and bad posture, which leads to lots of aches and pains.

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The bottom line

Our clothing is fraught with danger but, this shouldn’t put a dent in your fashionability. Whenever you can, choose items that look good and work with your body. Now that you know what to look out for, knock 'em dead.


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