Let’s face it -- between school, work, homework, and after school activities, opportunities for being silly as a family are often in short supply. April Fool’s Day is the perfect excuse for grown-ups and kids alike to unleash all that pent-up silliness. The best part is, it takes hardly any time, effort or money to startle your loved ones in truly unexpected ways. Why not make the most of the most foolish holiday of the year with a few hilarious but harmless hi-jinks? Make sure you have your camera ready -- the reactions you'll get will be priceless!


1. Throw a party in the potty

Grab a permanent marker and write “April Fools!” on a helium-filled party balloon. Then, put the balloon in the toilet and lower the seat over it. The next time someone raises the toilet lid to use the bathroom, the balloon will fly out of the toilet and totally freak them out.

april fools prank toilet Anikona / Getty Images

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