Can yogurt be frozen? Yes — and no. Yes, you can most definitely freeze yogurt, whether you bought it at the store or made it yourself. But will that yogurt still be the same when you thaw it as it was before you froze it? Definitely not! However, whether or not that actually matters depends entirely upon how you want to use the yogurt.


1. What happens if you put yogurt in the freezer?

Wouldn’t it be great if yogurt + freezer = homemade frozen yogurt? Sadly, this formula doesn’t quite work out in the real world. If it did, there’d be no market for frozen yogurt in the ice cream aisle because we’d all be making it ourselves! The truth is, frozen yogurt and yogurt that has been frozen are two completely different things. Putting refrigerated yogurt in the freezer changes the texture irreversibly. You won’t get that velvety ice-creamy texture you expect with frozen yogurt — it will just be a hard solid brick. Even if you allow it to thaw, it will longer have that smooth, creamy consistency that makes fresh yogurt so yummy. Defrosted fresh yogurt looks a lot like spoiled fresh yogurt — even though it’s perfectly safe to eat.

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