Before kale earned its well-deserved reputation as a nutrient-dense superfood about seven years ago, it was pretty much only purchased by caterers as a garnish, or as the inedible part of a food display. Because of its newfound and rather unprecedented popularity, it is now grown in abundance. There's doubt kale has found its way into your home too, and you might be wondering, can you freeze kale? The answer is yes! In fact, kale is one leafy green that holds up in the freezer like a star.


1. Prep before freezing

Whether you grow your own kale in your backyard garden or buy bunches of the locally grown stuff at your farmer’s market, give your greens a good wash in the sink to remove any dirt or debris. Make sure to separate the leaves, because that’s where dirt, as well as little hitchhikers, tend to hide. You can also more thoroughly dislodge any critters by dunking your kale in a solution of one to three tablespoons of vinegar per one gallon of water and letting it soak for about half an hour. Once your kale is cleaned up, give the leaves another rinse and then get chopping. While the stems are generally too fibrous to eat, they are a fine addition to soups and stir-fries as long as you cut the central stem away.

Preparing kale Adene Sanchez / Getty Images

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