As beloved on bagels as it is cooked into casseroles and whipped into dips, cream cheese is the chameleon of the dairy aisle. But one thing’s for sure -- cream cheese ain’t cheap, so when it goes on sale it’s tempting to stock up. But it doesn’t last long in the fridge, and those pesky use-by dates keep creeping up, and before we know it, we’re throwing away more cream cheese than we ever got around to using. So what’s a budget conscious shopper with a fridge full of Philadelphia to do? Is it possible to freeze cream cheese?


1. What happens to cream cheese when it’s frozen?

Although the zingy flavor of cream cheese can absolutely survive the freezing process, unfortunately, the texture will never be quite the same again. Previously frozen cream cheese takes on a crumbly consistency, and it also loses the coveted creaminess that gives cream cheese its name. You wouldn’t want to use thawed cream cheese on its own as a spread, but it’s still great in cooking.

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