Board games used to come out only during power outages and when computers and TVs weren't available, but the new reality for many people involves many hours at home and a need for distraction. Board games are a family-friendly way to keep the fun going when you're done binge-watching Netflix. Whether it's a classic like checkers or a newer role-playing game such as Gloomhaven, there's a board game for every mood and circumstance. Most games provide age recommendations, which can help you pick the perfect game for your family.


1. Checkers

Checkers is an ancient game with lots of national variants. In gameplay, two opponents make diagonal moves to capture each others' pieces. If you don't have your own checkers board at home, you can improvise with a homemade square board and round game pieces from almost any materials made from contrasting colors. The game is great for fast-paced play, and can be played with kids since the rules are relatively simple.

Checkers is a great game for kids and adults and equipment can be improvised if you don't have a set. Imgorthand / Getty Images

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