Braided hair is never not in season. Though the styles may change over time, braids remain one of the most beautiful ways to restrain your hair. Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle for work or play, braids offer endless possibilities. You can choose traditional styles or throw in a modern twist to shake up a stale look. Many options can go from day to night without a lot of work and can hold their shape for a long time. Take a chance on one of trending hair fashions for an exciting change from the ordinary!


1. Single French Braid

What could be more classic than the single French braid? Allowing you to show off your gorgeous hair while keeping it neatly pulled back, this French braid is easy enough for even a beginner to learn. Start by centering your braid on your head. Nothing takes the glory of a French braid away like ignoring the small details. Make certain that you are incorporating equal portions of hair into the braid as you work toward the neck. French braiding in this style shows off the different colors in the layering of your hair. From the darker layers underneath to the sun-kissed upper layers, they will blend together delightfully. This will also show off any highlights or alternate coloring in a bold way.

A classic single French braid is an elegant everyday option. dimid_86 / Getty Images

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