Braided hair is never not in season. Though the styles may change over time, braids remain one of the most beautiful ways to restrain your hair. Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle for work or play, braids offer endless possibilities. You can choose traditional styles or throw in a modern twist to shake up a stale look. Many options can go from day to night without a lot of work and can hold their shape for a long time. Take a chance on one of trending hair fashions for an exciting change from the ordinary!

Single French Braid

What could be more classic than the single French braid? Allowing you to show off your gorgeous hair while keeping it neatly pulled back, this French braid is easy enough for even a beginner to learn. Start by centering your braid on your head. Nothing takes the glory of a French braid away like ignoring the small details. Make certain that you are incorporating equal portions of hair into the braid as you work toward the neck. French braiding in this style shows off the different colors in the layering of your hair. From the darker layers underneath to the sun-kissed upper layers, they will blend together delightfully. This will also show off any highlights or alternate coloring in a bold way.

A classic single French braid is an elegant everyday option. dimid_86 / Getty Images


Lemonade Braids

Thanks to Beyoncé, these braids are super hot right now. Countless thin braids fill your scalp, swinging free as you move, for a stunning hairstyle that will be remembered. Capture your youthful, daring style with these long, luscious lemonade braids. You will need help from a hairdresser since this will take a long time to create. Modern extensions make sure you can rock these trendy braids, no matter how short your hair. Your new 'do should last several weeks, meaning you won't have to sit still for this look very often. Your stylist can help you learn how to keep your braids looking great, longer.

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Braided Color Pop

Nothing gets people's attention like a departure from the ordinary. With these bright color extensions, everyone will know when you arrive. Like the lemonade braids, these long hanging braids take time to make, along with skill. In the hands of a professional, this look is easy to attain and keep for several weeks. Finding the color you want may be the most difficult thing you face with this hairstyle. There are plenty of options available for everyone, from the timid to the outrageous. Try this playful 'do and turn the party up!

Young and daring, this look will draw attention wherever you go. Rawpixel / Getty Images


Braids and Curls

With so many hairstyle choices available, it can be hard to choose. When you sport this look, you don't have to choose just one. Let your curls flow! The three braids will keep your hair off your face beautifully in this feminine style. With one thick braid falling down the middle and a thinner braid on each side of it, this is an easy and fast braided style that can be done at home. You can choose the number of top layer braids you want, for a signature look. The hair underneath will make a shining backdrop for your braid designs at any celebration.

Have the best of both worlds with this charming style. heckmannoleg / Getty Images


Artful Cornrows

Cornrows are a classic braid style that has been around for a long time. However, they take on a whole new look when the hair is braided into intricate designs on the scalp. Whether they follow the traditional style and move in a line from forehead to neck or track vertically from ear to ear, there are so many designs that can be made. The trick to making this look spectacular is careful attention to spacing and sectioning. Everything should look as if it were drawn on, with precisely portioned locks creating beautiful hair art. This style takes a lot of time to plan and develop, along with the experience of weaving designs with hair. Your hairstylist will be needed for proper execution of this look.

Updo African hairstyle with hair extension. RuslanDashinsky / Getty Images


Curving French Braid

French braids don't have to be boring. For this twist on a classic, the braid curves into a beautiful wave of controlled elegance. For this stunning look, the French braid incorporates all the hair. It begins near the ear and slopes gracefully toward the back, curving around to change direction as it nears the neck. This single braid can be worked into a free-hanging braid at the side or a bun at the back. It doesn't take too long, and many people can create this style at home, with little experience. While it isn't one of the hardest braid hairstyles around, it might take a while to get the curving right. Properly executed, this style will attract compliments at any event.

Wow them at your next occasion with this gorgeous curving braid. Vesnaandjic / Getty Images


Goddess Braid Crown

Goddess braids are a bold way to show your feminine style. In this look, a single goddess braid wraps around the head for a crowning effect. With one thick braid, your hair is bound in a regal style befitting your inner princess. The hair is securely held without the strict restraint of some braided styles. The crown falls just above the ears and a few inches back from the hairline at the forehead. This gives it a less restrained look while providing complete control of your hair. This is another style you can fix at home. It doesn't take too much time and requires little experience for this fabulous look.

Show off your royal side with this crowning braid. melanjurga / Getty Images


French Braid Twins

There are braided hairstyles to fit every lifestyle. If you like to stay active, these twin French braids are perfect, offering style and total control. Start by parting your hair down the center. Beginning just off the forehead, a few inches above the ear, form a braid on each side of the head. The braids should arc slightly over the ear, with the braid falling free at the base of the head. All the hair is worked into these braids, leaving no hair unrestrained. If braided tightly, they can keep their good looks all day long, no matter how busy you get. This 'do is quick and simple, so it is a great everyday look you can do at home.

Neat braids on each side keep their style, even on busy days. jeffbergen / Getty Images


Dutch Braid Bun

There's no reason you can't be stylish at work. With this hairstyle, you can showcase your style and your professionalism at the same time. For this look, two Dutch braids are formed, one on each side of the head. Once they meet at the back, a free braid is created and wrapped into a stylish bun. With your hair pulled back in this hairdo, you won't be distracted by hair falling in your face. Save time primping and focus on the job in this attractive hair fashion.

Get down to business with this lovely work style. sutichak / Getty Images


Vertical Goddess Braids

Big, bold goddess braids are used to make this easy-care hairstyle. However you use them, goddess braids always make a dramatic statement, and these tell the world that you have it all under control. For these beautiful braids, all your hair is woven together, giving you the freedom to tackle anything. The first braid should be placed a few inches above the forehead hairline, about where you would wear a headband. The braids are worked vertically, for a dynamic effect. Behind it, another braid is formed, with precise spacing between them. Though it is distinctively designed, this is a look that you can probably manage at home with little practice. And, once you finish, you can keep this style for weeks.

Look regal any day of the week with this dramatic goddess braid style. MoMo Productions / Getty Images


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