Ten years ago, few people knew what a Bengal cat was. Now the breed has changed from an ultra-rare status symbol known to cat connoisseurs, to an admired breed near the top of many cat-lovers wish lists. Bengals are the most unique cat available without an exotic animal license. Before choosing a Bengal as your new cat, you must do your research to ensure this is the right pet for you. Owning a Bengal can be like sharing your home with a wild animal one minute, and then the next moment they will sit beside you purring like any moggy.


1. Bengals Are Very Playful

This can be a good or bad point depending on your lifestyle. Bengal cats are more playful than most cats and most dogs too. While a quick 10-minute game with a feather and string will exhaust a typical pet cat, Bengals will want to keep playing far longer. If you need to get some work done this playfulness might be a problem as Bengals will get under your feet looking to play with you. However, if you love playing for hours a day, or have children that do, then this cat breed will be an excellent playmate.

pet cats Bengal photodeti / Getty Images

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