Some songs are so annoying simply because they are incredibly monotonous. Three chords repeatedly repeated, with the same concept applied to the lyrics, makes one wonder how they ever made it into the public domain. On the other hand, other songs are annoying because the tunes are so catchy, they get set on reply in your mind. Yet others are annoying because you can't stop singing them out loud!

Willow Smith - "Whip My Hair"

Repeatedly whipping your hair back and forth is what supplanted actual music and lyrics back in 2010. Monotonous, uninteresting, but with a tune that is surprisingly catchy and simultaneously annoying. In her defense, Willow was really young at the time, which is probably the root cause of this annoying song that just won't stop unless you hit the "off" button, quickly! Until then, I'm whipping my hair back and forth---repeatedly, again, and again!

Jaden & Willow Smith In Concert - Los Angeles, CA Rich Fury / Getty Images


Baha Men - "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Does anyone know whoever did let the dogs out? As annoying as this song is, the repetitive catchphrase just won't go away. It remains fun to sing "who let the dog's out" because the dogs do get out at times and cause a ruckus. Whenever anyone from this period hears dogs barking, this song comes to mind if they are musically inclined, making it one of the most enjoyably annoying songs around 2000.

Rick Carey of musical group Baha Men performs onstage at the Buddy Lee Attractions party during the IEBA 2017 Conference on October 16, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. Terry Wyatt / Getty Images


Axel F - "Crazy Frog"

This song is unintelligible, high-energy, and fun to listen to, but it drives you nuts. You can't sing along because no-one knows the words, but you also cannot stop listening. The childlike appeal of this annoying song lies in the gobbledygook repetition, which is simultaneously fun. Even if not an award-winning compilation, it still tends to take you back to whatever you were doing around the time it became popular. It pushes the boundaries of music in a good way, leaving a smile on your face.

Green frog


Aqua - "Barbie Girl"

Irritating plastic lyrics that capture the emptiness of a superficial world but with the requisite annoying lyrics and tune to go with it. Despite the dripping sugary sweet lyrics, it does have a touch of fascination about it. Perhaps the song's appeal lies in the fact that it is just so light-hearted and empty. Aqua probably still wake up with the song in their heads or when in the shower!

A beautiful barbie with white hair. Stylish doll.


The Countdown Singers - "The Duck Song"

Annoying but funny enough to bring a smile to your face, this song is like one of those people who drives you so crazy that you want to slap them. Just when you get a grip and try to turn things around and think you're successful —they do or say something to ruin it all. Always looking for trouble like the duck in this song, the artist should have drowned this ducky in lemonade. Annoying but also amusing!

Vector yellow rubber duck from above Made by Marko / Getty Images


The Spice Girls - "Wannabe"

The Spice Girls were incredibly popular in the 1990s. Making a big splash with their all-girl band was a fun part of this decade, but "Wannabe" was one the hits that characterized a slapstick group that lasted just a little longer than it took to write this song. Many of the girls did wanna continue to be famous after the band broke up but fortunately, a permanent solution was never going to be on the table for them. Not an award-winning group or song and hardly even a watery version of one, this song was more along the insipid lines of Barbie Girl, really.

The pop rock singing group, The Spice Girls, pose for a group portrait during a studio session in New York City, February 1, 1997. Ann Summa / Getty Images


Sisqó - "Thong Song"

The thong song is catchy, upbeat, and makes you feel like getting up and dancing. Even though this is a vibey piece of music, and it's difficult to resist getting up and shaking your booty, it was never going to be anything more than a bit of fun, creative work that should remain confined to the past. But let's face it---Sisqo rocks this thong!

Sisqó (C) dances onstage with Just Dance 2018 during E3 2017 at Los Angeles Convention Center on June 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Emma McIntyre / Getty Images


Rebecca Black - "Friday"

Kudos to Rebecca Black and her 2011 song. But man, was it monotonous. There must be all of 4 chords in this song and all that remains after hearing it is "Friday, Friday, weekend, weekend." Not a song you want to put your name to, but if it brings in the bucks on the way to stardom, who are we to knock it.

Rebecca Black performs at Saturn Birmingham on July 20, 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama. David A. Smith / Getty Images


The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name"

Again, all you remember after this song is "That's Not My Name." Depending on the audience, though, you can see the appeal in this piece of work. A little offbeat with a bit of sass but also not one that is destined to survive the decades. At least not as a legendary piece of musical art that captured the hearts and minds of the audience through the annals of time. When the artist admits the song is monotone and has no soul, you know it belongs on this list.

Kate White of Ting Tings performs in concert at Emo's on April 22, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Gary Miller / Getty Images


Hanson - "MMMBop"

There's something incredible about children singing about relationships and the related pain of breakups that doesn't quite ring true. On the other hand, the pain of teenage relationships is no less a reality than that of adults; it just doesn't typically last as long. What does last long, though, is the "Mmm bop ba duba dop ba do bop," which never seems to stop.

Los Angeles, CA The Hanson Brothers at the "Night at the Net" charity spectacular at UCLA. The event benefits "MusiCares" Foundation. Dan Callister / Getty Images


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