If you’re in one of the lucky 12 states that consider Good Friday a holiday, you’ve no doubt heard of it. On the other hand, outside of Connecticut, Tennessee, and the rest will have heard of it, too. Good Friday is one part of the more significant holiday we know as Easter. In short, Good Friday is the day when Jesus Christ was made to carry the cross for his crucifixion. Why, then, do we call it Good Friday and not ‘Bad Friday’? So, what is Good Friday, and why is it called that?


1. What is Good Friday According to Christians?

In Christianity, Good Friday is one of the most important days of the year. This holiday celebrates the beginning of Jesus' biggest miracle. For many Christians, the weekend beginning with Good Friday is the most important few days ever to take place in history. After all, Good Friday is the day on which Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins. He was flogged, tortured, and crucified, allegedly giving his life to save everyone else's. It’s also a day of fasting, penance, and thoughtfulness.

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