What is a paradox good for? It's a combination of thoughts which seem to conflict but go beyond simple opposites. Modern life is full of them, but they are stressful to deal with. As we learn to identify and handle paradoxes, we are able to master life further. Paradoxes are used as tools to help achieve enlightenment by monks following Eastern traditions. By getting a handle on paradoxes, you'll be ahead of people who insist "well, which is? it can't be both!" Sometimes, as you will soon see, it can.


1. More Than Just Opposites

It's hard to find a definition of a "paradox" which doesn't imply that it's an unsolved problem. They start by describing it as a statement which seems absurd or self-contradictory, then noting that when further thought is given to it, the paradox turns out to be true. A self-contradiction. "This statement is false" is a kind of paradox. Contemplating a paradoxical statement often yields additional insight into the subject mentioned. It doesn't just negate itself but holds two opposing possibilities together.

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