Sigmund Freud. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. While these figures cannot often be connected in any way, one similarity unites them all: a love of William Shakespeare. The famed playwright has garnered the adoration of millions, preserving his legacy for hundreds of years after his death. Spanning multiple genres, the Bard of Avon has proven that versatility does not have to come at the cost of talent. While Shakespeare has hundreds of published works that are worth a read, there are several that have especially enchanted the world for centuries.


1. Much Ado About Nothing

Scholars believe that "Much Ado About Nothing" was most likely written over the course of two years, around 1598 and 1599. The plot centers around two couples, Benedick and Beatrice, who are tricked into confessing their love for one another; and Hero and Claudio, the latter of whom believed he has been the victim of the former's infidelity. "Much Ado About Nothing" has been adapted numerous times, most notably in the 1993 film version. Even in Shakespeare's own time, the play was popular. Poet Leonard Digges wrote in 1640 that the galleries and boxes were always full.

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