What is a millennial? According to the US Census Bureau, they were born between 1982 and 2000. They are the largest generation in the workforce because of their birth years. Millennials are the children of the baby boomers and are also called the Generation Y or Gen Y. They possess several qualities and characteristics different from the past generations. And although the characteristics of a millenial varies on the culture and environment, they grew up in; these are the common characteristics of millennials today.

Millennials are Often Optimistic About the Future

They are confident and highly motivated for a better future. Millennials believe that things will eventually get better and that they can accomplish anything if they only set their hearts and minds into it. Most of them start their careers early to get to the top of the corporate ladder or get a promotion. They are enthusiastic about what they do and believes that anything is possible. They see a brighter future and believe in it. Nothing can dampen their spirit.

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They Love Social Networking

Millennials are very active in social media for they can reach out to almost anyone on the planet. It's easier to communicate with friends from abroad or in another town. Majority of the millennials have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. You'll most likely see them with their mobile phones either hitting likes on Facebook or taking a selfie. They are social beings either on the internet and in the real world. Most of them are people oriented and like to establish healthy and close relationships with peers.

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They are Tech-Savvy

In a research done by Telefonica, about 60 percent of Latin millennials and 46 percent of US millennials use the Internet for their studies and research. They adapt better to technology because they grew up with it. In fact, they are sometimes referred to as "digital natives." Millennials are often seen on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. They own mobile phones. Most of what they do are tech-related from performing work-related tasks to booking a vacation or ordering food.

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They Believe in Work-Life Balance

Millennials are more than likely to prioritize family over work. They will be happy to trade their high-paying projects for a flexible schedule so they can spend more time with family and friends. Also, since they are the first generation who grew up with technology, they would prefer a job that allows them to work remotely or anywhere they want to, for them to achieve work-life balance. They look for more opportunities and progress to achieve this.

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They are Goal-Oriented

Millennials like challenges at work and are often ambitious. They are more practical and focus on achieving their goals. Although they may not always be productive, they are the generation that has the biggest potential. Millennials like achievements and have high expectations of their employers. They incorporate their being tech-savvy and adaptability to change as two of the qualities that can help them reach their goals and maximum potential. Millennials have family goals, career and personal goals they want to pursue.

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They Want Recognition

Millennials feel valued when recognized for their achievements at work. When they're praised, millennials become more motivated to do better. Some of them would even want constructive feedback from employers to improve their work performance. They view coaching or mentoring as a positive thing. Millennials feel it's necessary to enhance skills and become more focused at work. Most importantly, they appreciate mentors who can guide them and hone their talents. Praises and reassurances are what millennials crave in the workplace.

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Millennials Love to Multitask

Millennials are multi-taskers. They can work on multiple projects at the same time. It enables them to accomplish more tasks efficiently while saving time to do other personal stuff. Most of the time, they are doing several tasks at ones. While messaging someone on Facebook, they are probably also listening to an audiobook. Multitasking does have its advantages for it gets several jobs done, and millennials are pretty good at it.

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They Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today it's now easier to set up your own business. You can even reach out to the global market through social media and other various channels. Millennials are taking advantage of these opportunities. While the older generations start their businesses in their mid-30s - millennials - with the help of social media and the Internet, start in their early 20s. Unfortunately, though, some inexperienced millennial entrepreneurs fail in the first few years. But this doesn't mean they shouldn't try again. With all the resources available and their eagerness to learn, millennials will be eventually successful in their endeavors.

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They Like Adventures

With the Internet, it's so easy to Google beautiful destinations or new adventures to try. Millennials want to see the world and everything it has to offer. They make memories by going to places, trying different things, meeting new people, eating new food and experiencing unique cultures. Most of them even have friends in different time zones for they like traveling to new places they haven't been before. And they can work remotely. That means they can go anywhere they want, have a vacation and work at the same time.

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They are Educated

Although not all millennials are comfortable with technology, most of them are more knowledgeable compared to the older generations. They also utilize technology in getting more education like enrolling in online classes not just by going to a traditional college. They download materials offering informative and educational content. Getting a college education always plays a role in their lives. In fact, many have bachelor's and master's degrees. They do understand that with education comes success in life. They are willing to do everything they can to get the quality education they deserve.

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