First impressions are everything. Humans respond instinctively to visual stimuli and often aren't aware of it. This means that what you wear factors heavily into how a hiring manager evaluates you. The old saying, "less is more" is the best advice you can take when deciding what to wear to an interview. Avoid jewelry except for watches or small earrings. Apply only minimal cosmetics and keep hairstyles as business-oriented as possible. Answer questions intelligently. Act sincerely interested in what the hiring manager is talking about. And above all, look your best.


1. When to wear business and professional attire

If you are interviewing for a leadership position in any type of business, always wear business attire. For men, professional attire consists of suit jackets, dress shirt, tie, and slacks. For women, business attire consists of dress slacks or knee-length skirt, and a blouse with or without buttons. Never wear casual clothes to a professional interview, such as t-shirts, jeans or tennis shoes.

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