We love and need sleep, but at least one out of three Americans is not getting enough of it. Many of us are not resting long or deeply enough to refresh ourselves. Sleep deficit contributes to a host of issues that impact us physically and emotionally. Research suggests an au naturel solution could cure various sleep problems. Not only is this stripped-down method easy and economical, sleeping naked can also provide substantial benefits to your health. Bare slumber may help alleviate chronic sickness, burn calories, and make "beauty sleep" a reality instead of a dream.

Better Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention link inadequate sleep with chronic conditions and illnesses such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression. The National Sleep Foundation asserts that cooler temperatures promote drowsiness. Sleeping bare allows your body to cool so you can drift off faster and sleep more deeply.

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Brown Fat Activation

Without clothes on in bed, your lowered body temperature stimulates your brown fat. This healthy fat burns more calories when your body is cooler, because it generates heat to regulate your overall temperature. Studies suggest higher brown fat levels correlate with improved blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity, along with faster resting metabolic rates.



Increased Intimacy

Couples who sleep together will likely benefit from sleeping naked. Snoozing nude increases opportunities for skin-on-skin contact, which may lead to mutual sexual arousal and lovemaking. These activities help elevate levels of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, the "love hormone," which induces emotional bonding. Human studies suggest the release of oxytocin may promote faithfulness in romantic relationships.

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Male Reproductive Health

Disrobed repose can boost sperm count in men. The best temperature for sperm production is slightly below body temperature. Underwear that holds the testicles close to the body may increase the temperature of the testes. A 2016 study published in Andrology found that men who slept without briefs or boxers had a higher sperm count and quality than those who wore undergarments while sleeping.

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Skin Health

Our bodies undergo many regenerative processes during sleep. As we rest, we make more of the human growth hormone that increases collagen production. Dozing unclad can enhance sleep quality significantly, and your skin will benefit from better rest. The results of a small 2018 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology indicate adequate sleep is even more effective for skin healing than extra nutrition.

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Lower Risk of Infections

For most of us, our armpits, feet, and private parts are covered all day and could use a chance to air out. Bacteria require a warm, moist environment to flourish; tight or sweaty clothing inhibits air circulation, creating a breeding ground for yeast overpopulation. Sleeping undressed lowers the body temperature and reduces excess moisture on the skin, deterring the development of skin diseases such as athlete's foot. The Yale University School of Medicine recommends nude sleeping for women who experience chronic yeast infections.

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Improved Self-Image

Unhappiness with personal physique is an epidemic, worldwide issue. Extensive surveys taken across the globe reveal high levels of dissatisfaction with our own bodies, even among participants of average, healthy weight. A 2018 study observed that people who spend time garmentless have a better overall body image and heightened self-esteem. Bare-skinned slumber gives you an opportunity to become more comfortable in your own skin.

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Slow Down Aging

Cooler temperatures can protect the cells and retard the aging process. Cold promotes the production of the hormone melatonin, "nature's sleeping pill." Melatonin helps slow the deterioration of cells and aids sleep. Sleeping naked encourages your body to release more of this hormone, so you are more likely to look and feel youthful for longer.

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Curtail Cortisol Production

Cortisol is the infamous stress hormone that, at chronically elevated levels, triggers many health issues like hypertension and weight gain. Its production decreases during restful sleep. Nude snoozing can facilitate deeper rest, which may further inhibit the release of cortisol so you will not awake with spiked levels of the hormone. Too much cortisol can trigger cravings for unhealthy foods and lead to overconsumption.

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Improved Cognitive Function

Scientists at the University of Rochester discovered that during sleep, the brain eliminates toxic proteins that result from neural activity during our time awake. However, to do this, the brain requires we get enough quality sleep. If the toxins remain in our brain cells, they can impair our thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Vast bodies of research agree that reducing skin temperature can enable us to sleep better, and disrobing just before bedtime is an easy way to cool off.

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