Supporters of the alkaline water movement suggest this beverage can deliver pH balance, faster hydration, and mineral replacement. Consumers responded by spending about $1 billion on this product in 2019. Alkaline water marketing is awash with celebrity backing and anecdotes. However, objective evidence of its purported benefits is scarce, and some so-called facts about the beverage may be hard to swallow.


1. What Is Alkaline Water?

The terms alkaline and acidic have to do with the pH level of a water-based solution. The pH scale ranges from acid to alkaline on a scale of zero to 14. Regular water has a neutral pH of seven; white vinegar is acidic, with a pH of 2.5, and baking soda is more alkaline, with a pH of nine. Spring water contains naturally occurring minerals that boost its alkalinity to eight or nine. Ionized water undergoes an electrical process to remove acidic ions and leave a more alkaline product. Added minerals and salts further increase alkalinity.

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