Most of the world's population will not have heard of psyllium husk. They might know it under one of its alternative names. For example, Isabgol or Indian Plantago, but this is also quite unlikely. The probability that someone might know about this plant increases if they live on the Indian subcontinent where it is native. Frequent visitors to health food stores might have seen it on sale or heard about it. Whichever of its many names you prefer to use, the ground husk of this plant has proven healthy properties. Even the US Food & Drug Administration allows mention of this product's health benefits on its packaging.


1. Get rid of constipation

Constipation may be a common and usually a relatively minor complaint. But the amount of pain and distress it causes should not be underrated. Those who have constipation on a regular basis ought to seek medical advice. Maybe all they have to do is to change their diet to one with better fiber content. For a slight degree of constipation, a tablespoon full of psyllium husk powder mixed with warm water should soon bring relief. You need to double the dosage of the powder to treat more severe constipation cases.

Aid digestion


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