Smoking, like any habit, is easy to start and difficult to stop. Both manufacturers and consumers are all too aware of the addictive nature of tobacco products, not to mention the many serious health risks that waft through the air with each light-up. However long you have been smoking, now is the perfect time to stop. Quitting smoking puts money in your pocket, adds years to your life, and helps the people and creatures around you breathe easier. There are plenty of burning reasons to stop smoking.


1. For Your Wallet

Tobacco use can take a significant toll on your finances; the CDC reports that one pack of cigarettes costs between $4.62 and $10.67 in the US in 2017. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on living expenses, it may help to consider how much you are investing in this habit every day. This money could be helping eliminate debt, prepare for retirement, take family vacations, or start a business. When you quit smoking, you’ll be amazed by your sudden increase in disposable income.

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