Fat is finally having its day after decades of vilification. Research increasingly confirms how essential fat is to health. It helps us absorb fat-soluble vitamins, makes up cell membranes, and supplies energy and insulation to help maintain body temperature. Trans fats are still unhealthy, but nature has provided a bounty of beneficial alternatives that help you feel full longer and contribute to heart, brain, metabolic health, and even weight loss. Satisfy your appetite with these healthy high-fat foods.


1. Nuts and Seeds

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the most abundant polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid in most people’s diets. It is an essential fat because our bodies can't make it — we must obtain it from the foods we eat. ALA is present primarily in plant foods, including flaxseed, soybeans, walnuts, hemp, and chia. A 2016 scientific review in Biochimie found that ALA offers remarkable neuroprotective benefits. The fatty acid stimulates brain artery vasodilation and neuroplasticity through various multicellular pathways. Researchers hope that it can help prevent or reduce cerebral damage caused by stroke.

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