We’re often reading about the foods we should eat to enhance our brain’s functions, but we also need to take note of the foods we should avoid, foods that are detracting from our brain’s ability to perform its vital functions. Some foods make the mind sluggish or affect our moods to compromise our mental health. An optimum diet enhances brain function. So if you’re not eating the right foods to support your brain, you could actually be eating foods that harm your brain. If you want to protect your mind and enhance its performance, be sure to avoid the following foods that could be negatively affecting your brain’s health.


1. French Fries

People love their french fries. Therefore it is a definite downer to find this food on our list. In just ten seconds, McDonald’s will sell more than ten pounds of its french fries. While many people are aware that eating fried foods like french fries can negatively impact health, they might not know that eating food like fries twice or more each week can increase their risk of mortality twofold. Concerning brain health, french fries with their unhealthy trans fats can disrupt the brain’s cognitive functions. After eating fries, people may experience a decrease in their ability to focus and comprehend information. Studies have shown that diets high in trans fats can lead to poor memory, reduced processing skills, and poor comprehension.

French Fries Brain

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